Walking On Stations

Geomerics to light up EVE’s Walking on Stations expansion

Geomerics’ Enlighten software is to be used in the EVE Online Walking on Stations expansion, scheduled for “2009”.Halldór Fannar, CTO CCP, said: “Real-time computer graphics hardware has advanced greatly in the last 10 years and we’ve made good progress in the lighting methods used in games. However, optical interaction between lit surfaces has always been […]

12 years ago

Walking On Stations headlines

  • Hands-on with EVE's Walking in Stations

    Eurogamer’s posted up a hands-on report with EVE Online’s Walking in Stations evolution, fresh from the game’s Fanfest in Iceland.Snip:Walking in Stations’ presentation at Fanfest was impressive – but limited and transparently far from finished. It hasn’t even reached alpha testing yet, and the chances of it making the first of the next year’s two […]

    12 years ago