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End War VIP beta demo starts…now [Update – It’s been delayed again]

Ubisoft UK has announced that the Tom Clancy’s EndWar VIP beta demo is scheduled to start today on Xbox 360. Now, even.If you’re not sure what to do and how, through the link there’s a handy FAQ that explains everything. So have a look.By Mike BowdenUpdate: Looks like there are further delays. The site now […]

12 years ago

Vip Multiplayer Demo headlines

  • Ubi pushes back EndWar's VIP multiplayer demo

    Ubisoft just sent out an email to those eligible for the EndWar multiplayer demo, saying the test was supposed to be starting today but has been dropped back a week. Here’s the message in full:Thank you for registering for the EndWar VIP Demo. We are excited to give you this pre-launch exclusive access to the […]

    12 years ago