Harmonix launches VidRhythm for iOS

Harmonix has released VidRhythm, the iOS game that was announced a bit before gamescom last month.

9 years ago

Vidrhythm headlines

  • Harmonix confirms work on Vidrhythm

    Harmonix has confirmed Vidrhythm is in the works after a trademark filing for the title came to light earlier in the week. The firm has yet to provide details on the game, other than stating it “will be awesome,” according to Harmonix communications director John Drake. The firm is also currently at work on Dance […]

    10 years ago
  • Harmonix files trademark for Vidrhythm

    According to a US trademark application dug up by Siliconera, it looks as though Harmonix is working on something called Vidrhythm along with Dance Central 2. Earlier this year, the firm stated it was looking into 3DS, Vita, and Facebook development, so it is quite possible that whatever Vidrhythm is, it could possibly land on, […]

    10 years ago