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EU PS3 movie stores updated for the first time

The EU PS Blog’s got details of the first VDS update, although there’s no definitive list as to what’s actually new.Looks as though Terminator Salvation is the biggie for the UK, and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is high on the list for France, Germany and Spain.Hopefully we’ll get full details on future […]

11 years ago

Video Delivery Service headlines

  • Euro PS3 movie-watchers get two-for one deal, free Transformers

    SCEE’s just detailed a few deals for its now-released Euro movie store, as you can see here.If you download Angels & Demons between November 19-30, you get a PSN voucher code for The Da Vinci Code, usually priced at £6.99, at no additional charge. Amazing.Also, anyone who registers for a PSN account between those dates […]

    11 years ago
  • Euro PS3 video service is actually, honestly live

    SCEE’s put its Video Delivery Service live for both PS3 and PSP. We know because we just looked.Get full details on what’s available here and see a video of it in action here.It’s usable in France, Germany, Spain and the UK and will be updated with around 50 films per week.Happy Bruno-watching.

    11 years ago
  • Video - Euro PS3 movie service will "change the way you watch films forever"

    SCEE’s just released a promo movie for its snappily-titled PlayStation Network Video Delivery Service, saying the imminent PS3 and PSP feature will “change the way you watch films forever”.Get it after the break.There’s footage there of the store’s layout, as well as a further pushing of the fact you can both buy and rent films […]

    11 years ago
  • PSN Video Delivery Service launches in Europe tomorrow

    SCEE’s confirmed its version of SCEA’s PS3 Movie Store, dubbed the “PlayStation Network Video Delivery Service,” will launch in Europe tomorrow.The facility will be first available in France, Germany, Spain and the UK, with “more than 2,000 movies” up for download.There are both rent (from €1.99) and buy (from €7.99) options, and films in both […]

    11 years ago
  • PS3 "not just for games any more," says SCEA

    Sony’s launched a “Video Delivery Service campaign” on US TV, extolling the virtues of PS3 as a general media player.“With nearly 1,000 full-length movies and 2700 TV episodes for download onto the PS3 or PSP, the Video Delivery Service brings you digital entertainment right into your living room,” said marketing manager Kim Nguyen, posting on […]

    12 years ago