Victoria 2: Heart Of Darkness

Victoria 2: Heart of Darkness out now, launch trailer released

“Colonialism. The enforced spread of the rule of reason,” this launch trailer for Victoria 2’s new Heart of Darkness expansion comments. “But who is going to spread it amongst the colonizers?” Let’s all pause to consider the evils of history for a moment before diving in and making a landgrab ahead of the French and […]

8 years ago

Victoria 2: Heart Of Darkness headlines

  • Victoria 2: Heart of Darkness pre-orders open

    Paradox Interactive has opened pre-orders for Heart of Darkness, the upcoming expansion for Victoria 2. The new, colonisation-focused content pack will release on PC on April 16, and set you back $20. To those who pre-order, some retailers are offering a free Complete Edition of the original Victoria, while others have 75% off the whole […]

    8 years ago
  • Victoria 2: Heart of Darkness due next month

    Paradox Interactive has announced a new expansion for historical sim Victoria 2. Heart of Darkness follows the British Empire’s expansion into Africa and its clash with rival powers on foreign soil. The expansion is due in March and introduces a colonisation system; better naval warfare with more kinds of ships; International Crises requiring Great Powers […]

    8 years ago