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  • VGAs - Force Unleashed II announced, trailered

    Missed this one yesterday. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II was announced and trailered at the VGAs over the weekend, as you can see after the break. It’s CG-only, showing the Apprentice facing off against large, nasty things in an arena. Have a watch. It’s out next year.

  • VGAs - Tron Evolution looks pretty much as you thought it would

    The front Tron Evolution trailer emerged from the VGAs last night, showing glowy men riding around on glowy bikes. Bet you never expected that. It’s a Disney thing, developed by Propaganda. Hit the link. Get all the rest of the show news from Steph’s liveblog.

  • VGAs - True Crime trailered, United Front developing

    Activision trailered a True Crime reboot at the VGAs last night, as you can see after the break. Canadian developer United Front‘s doing the work. It’s the same outfit behind ModNation Racers. The new game’s set in China, featuring an undercover cop against the Triads. For those that may not remember, True Crime: Streets of […]

  • VGAs - Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands movie shows movie themes

    The first Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands trailer debuted at the VGAs last night – watch it after the break – showing what very much looks to be a vehicle tie-in for the upcoming Jake Gyllenhaal movie. The Prince looks like Jake’s in-film character, most obviously. Rewinding’s still there as well, as you can […]

  • VGAs - First Crackdown 2 gameplay trailer reveals glide suit

    Ruffian put out a first proper gameplay trailer of Crackdown 2 trailer at the VGAs last night, showing agents gliding, co-oping and smacking the shit out of people with sign posts. Is it good? It is. The game’s out next year, 360-only. Hit the link to see why you should be excited. Get all the […]

  • VGAs - Medal of Honor gets awesome debut trailer

    EA dropped the first Medal of Honor at the VGAs last night as promised, and very bloody awesome it looks too. The shooter reboot’s set in modern-day Afghanistan. There’s no denying the quality here. It’s out for PC, 360 and PS3 at the end of next year. Get all the rest of the show news […]

  • VGAs - Halo: Reach trailer shows engine, new armour

    Hit the link for the first Halo: Reach trailer, which debuted last night at the Spike VGAs. Looks as though Bungie’s gone for the “beefy” look this time round, armour-skulls and all. Quite hard not to be excited about this, to be honest. Even if it does feel a little “Army of Two”. It’s out […]

  • Spike 2009 Video Game Awards Liveblog is a GO!

    Here we go again with another liveblog kiddos. This time the 2009 Video Game Awards. To keep you up to date we are liveblogging the whole thing as it happens on the television. The schedule says that it should start around 8:00pm EST – that’s around 1:00am for the UK, and 2:00am for those elsewhere […]

  • Spike's Video Game Awards is tonight, in case you forgot [UPDATE]

    Update: Guess what kiddos? We’ve decided to liveblog the event as it happens. Should you decide that you wish to stay up till around 1:00am (UK’ers) to check in with us, we will update you as the shit goes down! So, if Jack Black shows up in his undies shooting sparks from his groin again, […]

  • Geoff Keighley talks VGAs, loads of surprises to come

    Geoff Keighley has told D’toid that there will be “more than 12” exclusives, including the announced Crackdown 2, a new Star Wars title, and at least two games he can’t even comment on during the VGAs tomorrow night. He also mentioned that during the commercial breaks, the show will come back with new stage set […]

  • VGAs to feature new PoP movie clip

    This weekend’s VGAs will see a new clip from the Prince of Persia movie aired, according to the almighty Geoff Keighley’s super-Twitter. Banny rabbit beefcake Jake Gyllenhaal himself will be on hand to intro the new footage. The VGAs air on Saturday at 8pm EST.

  • Spike VGAs to be broadcast in the UK - now die happy

    Looks like Spike TV’s Video Games Awards will be aired on Channel 5 December 15 at 9:00pm. Sources at Channel 5 told The Lost Gamer that it can also be viewed on Freeview: CH30 Sky: CH 176, and Fiver + 1 Sky: CH 177, Virgin Media: CH 152, Tiscali TV: CH 31. Granted, it originally […]

  • Spike VGAs to be without a host for the first time

    Looks like Spike TV’s annual VGAs will be without a host for the first time this year. According to a rep for the network, going without a host will be on par with what it did for this year’s Scream Awards. However, the lack of a celebrity host doesn’t mean some will not take the […]

  • UFC Undisputed 2010 to premiere at VGAs

    Yet more from Geoff Keighley’s Twitter account. The Spike presenter’s confirmed that UFC Undisputed 2010 will be aired for the first time at the VGAs this weekend. Woo. We want to see sweat on their sweat this time. And some suggestive thrusting, obviously. The VGAs take place this Saturday.

  • Keighley - Halo Reach is "huge leap forward," will be 2010's "biggest game by far"

    Halo Reach’s premiere at the VGAs next week will be a true, in-game showing of the title and looks set to debut 2010’s biggest game “by far,” if Spike’s Geoff Keighley’s comments on the latest Major Nelson podcast are to be believed. “At the VGAs we’re actually going to be able to go down on […]

  • Crackdown 2 teaser posted, full thing to air during VGAs

    There’s a Crackdown 2 teaser video up on GameTrailers. You can view it here. Twitter King Geoff Keighley has tweeted that during the VGAs, the first gameplay trailer for the title will be shown. Still no date. Maybe it will be announced on December 12 when the awards ceremony airs on Spike.

  • Next Star Wars game to be announced at VGAs

    Geoff Keighley, the King of Twitter, has just tweeted that the next Star Wars game is to be announced during the VGAs on December 12. He even posted a link to a teaser, which can be viewed here. The show goes off at 8pm EST on Spike.

  • Lastest VGA announcment is a TRON teaser [UPDATE]

    Update: GameTrailers has just tweeted that the teaser is for the movie. So there ya go. Original: Geoff Keighley has just tweeted that one of the world premieres during the VGAs will be the TRON movie announcement. At least we think its for the remake starring Jeff Bridges and Olivia Wilde. It could be a […]

  • 2K shooter "sneak peek" is a new Special-Ops game

    The cats out of the bag, sort of, in relation to the new 2K shooter scheduled to debut at the VGAs. Apparently, it’s a new Special- Ops title, and the video has been available for viewing since August over on 1UP says that the “sneak peek” is part of a longer version of the […]

  • VGA teaser video shows 2K shooter in the works

    There’s a teaser video up on Kotaku showing a shooter that 2K has in the works. What it has to do with Dubai, we have no clue. Guess we’ll find out during the VGAs on Spike December 12 at 8:00pm EST.

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