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  • Valkyria Chronicles sales jumped 400% in April

    Valkyria Chronicles saw a 400 percent increase in sales during April and which almost equals to the amount of  units sold during its November 2008 debut, reports the US Sega Blog. The burning hot sales can be attributed to community contests, DLC and the temporary price drop to $30. According to the blog: “To be […]

  • Valkyria Chronicles chap interested in sequel

    Valkyria Chronicles producer Nonaka Ryutaro has told Famitsu that he’s interested in doing a sequel to the TRPG, which is probably good news considering the rabid following the game’s picked up. Apparently he was “adamant about not leaving the game at just one title,” according to this PS3Center story. Happy Monday, PS3 owners.

  • Valkyria Chronicles DLC dated and priced

    Sega’s to release its European Valkyria Chronicles DLC on April 16, the firm said today. There’s three parts to it – as previously announced – and it’s going to cost £3.19 or €3.99 “each”. The press release doesn’t make it particularly clear if it’s all coming in one lump or it’s going to cost you […]

  • Three bits of Valkyria Chronicles DLC announced

    DLC’s on the way for PS3 TRPG Valyria Chronicles, Sega said today, with three packs releasing this “spring”. The bits include Hard EX Mode, Edy’s Mission “Enter the Edy Detachment”, and Selvaria’s Mission “Behind Her Blue Flame”. Get full details after the break.

  • Valkyria Chronicles DLC confirmed for western release

    This US PS Blog post confirms that the western version of Sega SRPG Valkyria Chronicles is going to get the DLC released in Japan earlier this year. Two updates will allow players to take control of the PS3 exclusive’s baddies, as well as adding an Extra Hard Skirmish mode. “It’s my sincere and distinct pleasure […]

  • Valkyria Chronicles date moved forward in Europe

    Sega’s advised that Valkyria Chronicles has been moved forward to October 31 from its previous date of November. The PS3 RPG is cel-shaded to buggery and looks very pretty, so you could do worse. Should see some reviews soon.

  • Valkyria Chronicles site live, date confirmed for October 9

    Sega’s announced that the official website for Valkyria Chronicles is now live. We would tell you where it is, but there doesn’t appear to be a link in the release. Here’s the Sega product page instead. The PS3 RPG’s demo will release on October 9, the firm said in addition. Game’s out on November 14. […]

  • Valkyria Chronicles DLC lets you be the baddies

    According to this SiliconEra piece, Sega’s releasing a bit of DLC for PS3 RPG Valkyria Chronicles this month in Japan that allows you to play as the bad guys. Apparently, “The twist is you get to control Selvaria and invade Gallia, the small nation you’re trying to defend in the main storyline.” The game’s out […]

  • New Valkyria Chronicles trailer shown at GC08

    You can see it after the drop. Sega’s PS3 JRPG is shaping up very nicely indeed we think. Nothing really that new, however, but still worth a watch. Game’s out in November this year. By Mike Bowden

  • Valkyria Chronicles releasing in November, DLC TBD

    Siliconera sends word that Sega’s masterfully cel-shaded SRPG, Valkyria Chronicles, now has a North American release date. Of course, since it’s a semi-obscure title, it only makes sense that Sega decided to toss Valkyria Chronicles right into the middle of gaming’s favorite enraged bull stampede: the holiday season. Along with the ill-advised November 11 launch, […]

  • Sega announces E3 line-up

    Sega has announced its official E3 lineup. Loads of stuff here. See below. MadWorld (Wii – March 2009) Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (DS – Fall 2008) Sonic Unleashed (360, PS3, Wii, PS2 – Holiday 2008) Alpha Protocol (360, PS3, PC – February 2009) Samba De Amigo (Wii – September 2008) Bayonetta (360, PS3 – […]

  • Alpha Protocol and Valkyria Chronicles get vague release dates

    Sega has slapped a couple of release dates on its up and coming RPGs, Valkyria Chronicles and Alpha Protocol. Valkyria (PS3) is touted for a November release whereas its multi-platform counterpart is due in Feb next year. Thanks Shacknews. By Mike Bowden

  • New Valkyria Chronicles shots and movie

    Sega’s put out a new movie and screens of RPG Valkyria Chronicles, despite the fact it’s already been released in Japan, this time focusing on a new character, Maximilian. Find everything after the link.

  • Watch the first six minutes of Valkyria Chronicles

    You can see the first six minutes of Sega’s Valkyria Chronicles on Gamersyde, should you wish. The JRPG came out in Japan yesterday, and it to release in the US and Europe for PS3 towards the end of this year.

  • Valkyria Chronicles shots and movie show turn for the... odd

    Sega’s released some new screens and a video of PS3 RPG Valkyria Chronicles, and the entire thing appears to have taken a turn for the bizarre. A new character, Selvaria Bles, is seen wielding some kind of phallic death sword and glowing blue. God knows what’s going on with that. The game comes out at […]

  • Valkyria Chronicles has optional HD install

    According to PS3.IGN, Sega RPG Valkyria Chronicles has an optional HD install designed to cut down loading times. From the piece: The install takes up 3,336 MB and apparently cuts down load times from the 15 second waits players would otherwise have to sit through when opting to play directly from disc. As with last […]

  • More Valkyria Chronicle media hits Japan

    From Watch Impress, again. The RPG – which is seeing a western release later this year – will ship in Japan on April 24 for PS3 only. The screens show a new character named Alicia Melchiott, and there’s another trailer for you to look at as well. The video shows Alicia hugging a winged pig, […]

  • New PS3 JRPG Valkyria Chronicle shots and movie from Sega

    Some very pretty new shots on Watch Impress of Sega’s Europe-bound, PS3-only JRPG, Valkyria Chronicle. Known as Valkyria of the Battlefield: Gallian Chronicles in Japan, the game will hit both Europe and the US this autumn following an April 24 launch in the East. You can see a movie after the link. Have a look […]

  • Valkyria Chronicles releasing in the west on PS3

    Sega just confirmed that RPG Valkyria Chronicles – Valkyria of the Battlefield: Gallian Chronicles in Japan – is to be brought to the west as a PS3 exclusive. Apparently, “Valkyria Chronicles is set in a fictitious continent reminiscent of 1930s Europe – divided in two and ruled by the Empire and the Federation. The Empire […]

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