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  • Wal-Mart trialling “Video Game Buyback” kiosks

    Wal-Mart now has machines to take your old games. The US retail monster has has included 77 “Video Game Buyback” stations at various stores, Gama reports. The machines also carry movie DVDs and video game discs for Wii, Xbox and PlayStation platforms for $1 per day rentals, on top of accepting game discs that customers […]

  • Gamestop - Used games supplied 48% GPM last year

    Used games supplied almost 50 percent gross profit margin (gross profit divided by total revenue) to Gamestop’s in the last fiscal year, according to this Gamasutra piece. The figure compares to 21 percent for new software, and a shocking 6 cents in the dollar for new hardware. Gross profit margins on used software have, however, […]

  • Video: Jaffe, Gerstmann and Pachter talk gaming in the recession

    During GDC, David Jaffe, Jeff Gerstmann, and Michael Pachter sat down with GameTrailers TV to talk about gaming in the recession. Watch the discussion after the break. In it, Jaffe’s weighs in on the used game market, Gerstmann’s talks about OnLive, and Pachter’s looks into his crystal ball for the coming year. It is definitely […]

  • British man finds ecstasy tablets in used GTA game

    A British man found some “ecstasy tablets” in one of the used GTA games he purchased at a GameStation in Gloucestershire. “When I opened the box up, the cling film wrap fell out. I could not believe it. I have two children and my son plays Xbox all the time. He could easily have opened […]

  • Analyst expects rush of retailers to join used game market

    Lazard analyst Colin Sebastian expects more retailers to start selling used games now Amazon has entered into the market, says a Gamsutra report. “According to our industry checks, one large consumer electronics retail chain is rekindling efforts to sell used video games, while another general merchandise ‘big box’ store is in trials to buy back […]

  • GameStop shows little concern over Amazon's used game program

    GameStop doesn’t think Amazon’s foray into the used videogame market will succeed. CEO Dan DeMatteo told Edge today that the gift card scheme was something his firm unsuccessfully tried in the past. “I give the probability of this working at zero,” he said. “Electronics Boutique also tried it and failed. There’s no consumer acceptance. With […]

  • Amazon enters used videogame market

    Amazon has entered the used videogame business. From now until March 19, customers will receive 10 percent off a “future single game or accessory purchase” when they trade in a used game. Amazon trade-in requirements: Games must be undamaged with manual and original case and be postmarked no later than 7 days after submission. Print […]

  • Lewis: Second-hand games are part of the ecosystem

    Xbox Europe boss Chris Lewis has told GI that second-hand games are just something the industry has to live with. “I’m a fan of the ecosystem overall,” he said. “I can see the positive in it, because I can see that what you then get is more and more people touching, playing, experiencing a game […]

  • 49 million American gamers buy secondhand

    According to this Gamasutra report, 49 million American gamers buy both used and new games. At this year’s MI6 game marketing conference in San Francisco, the MI6 organizers exclusively commissioned global consumer research and consultancy firm OTX to study the video game resale market in the United States. These details, provided by its creators alongside […]

  • Circuit City to start selling used games

    Major US retailer Circuit City is to start selling secondhand games, according to this. The store chain is to trial the service in 10 outlets, with plans to expand to other shops if the test is a success. Which it almost certainly will be. The move by Circuit City is a second step to get […]

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