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Saturday Shorts: Uncharted 3, Inafune, Bloodforge, Batman, Postal 3, Transformers, The Office

Oh what a day. And it isn’t even over yet, even though it should have been a while ago. Let’s get these shorts out of the way so we can get back to BlizzCon stuff, shall we? We can always have our soup later.

Us Ps Movie Store Updates headlines

  • Friday Shorts II: Gears 3 gold, iPad 3, W8, more post-it wars, Spyro shots

    It’s time for a second round of shorts to get the weekend started. Some of you have already started the weekend. Just don’t pass out, or you could get pranked.

  • US PS movie store update: Jackass 3, The Inside Job, Anime, sales

    Sony has updated the US movie and rental store on PSN with lots of visual nuggets.

  • US PSN video content update: Paranormal Activity 2, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit videos, more

    Sony has updated its video content for PSN, and along with new releases like Paranormal Activity 2, there’s also a collection of the past decade’s Sports Illustrated: Making of the Swimsuit Issue videos.

  • US PS movie store update, May 1

    American PS Movie Store users got HD versions of Mystic River, Marley & Me, Bride Wars, and Slumdog Millionaire, today. The usual large list of TV shows were added, and same for non-HD movies. You can get the full thing below and through the PS Blog.

  • US PS Movie Store update, April 10

    Massive update for the American movie store this week, including HD versions of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Jarhead and everyone’s favourite 80s angst movie, The Breakfast Club. There’s a maggot-farming truckload of TV stuff there too. Get the full thing from the PS Blog.

  • US PSN video content update

    The US PSN video store has updated and although there’s loads to choose from, nothing really stands out this week. Well, there is Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey in HD. That’s always something. Full list over at the PSBlog. By Mike Bowden

  • US PSN Movie Update includes Monty Python

    SCEA’s announced its latest PS3 Movie Store additions, which this week includes the Monty Python Collection – there are 4 features, 7 specials and 3 TV seasons. Other than that, there’s Babylon AD, Bangkok Dangerous, Disaster Movie, Pineapple Express, The Wackness and Episode 22 of Xam’d: Lost Memories. Read all about in on the PSBlog. […]

  • US PS Movie Store update, December 12

    SCEA’s announced this week’s update for the PS Movie Store, and, yet again, it’s a beast. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and National Lampoon’s Vacation, back to back. Astonishing. Full thing through the link.

  • The Dark Knight up on US PS Movie Store

    SCEA’s announced its latest PS3 Movie Store additions, including The Dark Knight. Nice. There are three films in this mini update, but what the hey. Batman’s Batman. Watch for more on Friday. Here.

  • US PS Movie Store update, December 12

    That’s better. SCEA’s shown another decent US Movie Store update for PS3, after a few weeks of paltry content. So it’s The Grudge 2 and Superman: The Movie this weekend. If you’re American. And you own a PS3. Full list through there.

  • US PS Movie Store update, December 2: The dream is over

    Sony’s posted its weekly update to the PS3 US Movie Store, and it’s got three films on it. Well, these are the “highlights,” apparently. What the fuck happened to the giant, sprawling lists of classics we’ve seen in the last few months? It’s over. That’s what. Read it and weep.

  • US PS Movie Store update, November 27

    The PS Movie Store’s updated early this week as it’s Thanksgiving this weekend, and you should be glad. If you’re American. There’s far less stuff there this week than normal, but the update does include Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Which is brainless and fun. Which is probably all you can ask for, […]

  • US PS Movie Store update, November 21

    It’s not as scorching as it has been, but it’s still hot. The latest update to the American PS Movie Store contains such gems as Freddy Vs. Jason, The Killing Fields and Miss Congeniality 2. How could you not want them? Full thing through the link.

  • US PS Movie Store update, November 14

    The US PS Movie Store‘s been updated for the week, and it’s another stonker. This one’s got Risky Business and The Wicker Man in it. The weekends must fly by for those lucky Americans. Full update trough the link.

  • US PS movie store update, November 7

    Another week, another giant update for the American PlayStation Movie Store. This one’s got the triple whammy of Falling Down, American Gigolo and The Running Man. Look. It’s unadulterated movie madness.

  • US PS movie store update is completely ridiculous

    Good grief. SCEA’s announced this week’s Movie Store update early – it’s normally a Saturday morning thing – and the film section is just out of control. Seriously, take a look. It’s got Deliverance in it. If there isn’t something for you there you’re either dead or blind. If Europe gets anything like this sort […]

  • US PS movie store update, October 24

    The film update this week for the American PlayStation Movie Store’s frickin’ ridiculous. Check the US PS Blog to see what we mean. Why play games when you can watch Under Siege 2: Dark Territory and Herbie: Fully Loaded back-to-back? It’s a question with only one answer. Knock yourself out, American people.

  • US PS movie store update, October 17

    Another week, another awesome update for the American PlayStation Movie Store. This one’s got The Hills Have Eyes in it, and if you’ve never grossed yourself out with it, you definitely should. After that, regain your feminine side with the Sex and the City movie. Then watch loads of Family Guy and go back to […]

  • US PS movie store update, October 11

    On the US PS Blog. Again, it’s an impressive update: you can now watch Doctor Zhivago and Cobra back-to-back. Please, God. Make the Euro version be just as good. Through the link.

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