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First American champion: Why I love Street Fighter IV

Dan Boutros won the first ever North American Street Fighter IV championship at GDC last month. Here, Dan gives VG247 his exclusive thoughts on the game and its characters. Must read.Here’s my thoughts on SF4 based on several hours play across two GDC days.Presently, I love it. If you can’t be arsed reading all the […]

13 years ago

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  • GDC: Dan Boutros is crowned SFIV champion of North America

    Dan Boutros, our mate Dan Boutros, has won the first ever American Street Fighter IV tournament at GDC. With him still giddy from victory, we got him on the phone.videogaming247: What did you win, Dan?“A shit trophy.”Who did you play as?“I played Blanka, Dhalsim and I played as Ken. That was about it. It’s a […]

    13 years ago