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Natural Selection 2: Derelict free to all Steam players

Natural Selection 2 players can now enjoy a brand new map – for free.

Unknown Worlds Entertainment headlines

  • Natural Selection 2 adding female soldiers

    Yes, there are people in the world who are against having women fight on the front lines, but Natural Selection 2 devs Unknown Worlds are not among them. In fact, they’re adding female soldier models to their online shooter as free DLC that will be available in late August or early September.

  • Natural Selection 2 scam sees over a thousand game keys deactivated

    Natural Selection 2 was at the heart of a $30,000 credit card scam that saw over a thousand bogus keys sold via third-party distributors. Valve has now blocked all of the keys in question, locking out anyone who bought them.

  • Natural Selection 2 earns over $1 million during launch week

    Natural Selection 2, the indie shooter from developer Unknown Worlds Entertainment, has already earned over $1 million in its first week of availability. The game was in development for six years, and according to the game’s Steam infographic, over 144,000 copies have been sold. Thanks, Gamasutra.