Undead Knights

PSN demo for Undead Knights was actually the full game

Tecmo’s Undead Knights had a demo up on PSN, and gamers who decided to give it a try, noticed that it was not just demo, but the full game.Speaking with D’toid, who noticed the free game, Tecmo told the site previously that he final code for the game had yet to be approved – yet […]

11 years ago

Undead Knights headlines

  • Undead Knights announced and dated for Japan

    Tecmo’s announced Undead Knights, a brand new hack and slash horror game, for PSP. It’s been dated in Japan for October 15.The game’s official website has also gone live along with a trailer, which looks very gory and full of “zombika,” as the trailer proclaims.So off you go.

    12 years ago
  • Undead Knights to hit PSP in October

    Undead Knights will be released on October 15 in Japan and in North America and the UK around the same time, according to Tecmo.Apparently, you can use zombies for all sorts of stuff. You can make ladders outta them, make them siege bases, and fling them as well. Sounds fun. More over on Siliconera.

    12 years ago
  • Undead Knights for PSP looks bloody, sounds fun

    Tecmo introduced a new title coming to PSP at E3 called Undead Knights, and it’s basically about a murdered knight seeking vengeance on the King and Queen who betrayed him.Players will take turns as the knight, his wife and his brother as they revive the dead to do your bidding.It’s a third-person affair with zombies […]

    12 years ago