Future US, IGN hit with lay-offs

It’s being reported that both Future’s US arm and IGN have been hit with lay-offs. At least five people have been let go from Future due to the company reorganising its games and technology groups, according to Folio. At IGN, least four staffers there have been let go, according to Gama, with also affected. […]

10 years ago

Ugo headlines

  • Report: IGN acquiring 1UP parent company UGO

    The beautiful snowflakes of games media just got a tiny bit less diverse. IGN has apparently snapped up UGO Networks, the parent company of 1UP, amid talk the former is set to split from its own parent, News Corp.

    10 years ago
  • UGO boss on 1UP: "We really have largely left it alone"

    After news broke yesterday of Ziff Davies quitting the industry for good, and 1UP being bought out by UGO amid a round of redundancies, J Moses, CEO of the UGO Entertainment told MTV that he feels the criticism of UGOs treatment of 1UP and its staff is unfounded.“We really have largely left it alone,” said […]

    12 years ago
  • Joystiq: UGO to buy

    This Joystiq report claims that UGO is in “very advanced talks” to buy many of Ziff Davis’s games sites, including 1UP, GameVideos and MyCheats.1UP Network editorial staff were reportedly informed of the potential sale in a meeting on Tuesday. UGO execs will reportedly be flying out to meet with the Ziff staff as soon as […]

    12 years ago