Guitar Hero outsells Rock Band in the US

UBS analyst Ben Schachter’s that Guitar Hero outsold Rock Band by more than 1 million units in America last month, Gamespot reports.Over 1.7 million Guitar Hero games of all versions and formats were sold in the US in November, of which 978,000 were copies of the latest version, Guitar Hero World Tour. This compares with […]

12 years ago

UBS headlines

  • Music industry grown 32% by games in 2008

    According to UBS analyst Ben Schachter, music games have been a “key driver” for music industry this year, with “sales of music-themed games responsible for 19% of overall industry software dollars in July (15% YTD) and 44% of y/y industry dollar growth during the month (32% of growth YTD).”That’s not insignificant. In a research note, […]

    12 years ago
  • Analyst: Rumored 360 price cut could line machine with both Wii and PS3

    The latest Xbox 360 price cut seems like a pretty good idea considering the console’s less-than-rocket sales of late, but could it end up being Microsoft’s ace-in-the-hole? UBS analyst Ben Schachter thinks so.“If we are correct [about the price drop], it would position the Xbox 360’s low-end sku as the lowest priced next-gen console (below […]

    12 years ago
  • Hickey: "We absolutely believe Activision will take a look at Take-Two"

    Speaking to The Deal, Janco’s Mike Hickey has predicted that Activision Blizzard will take a look at buying Take-Two, for no better reason that to piss EA off.“We absolutely believe Activision will take a look at Take-Two,” said the analyst. “If a competitor is for sale, you take a look, and if EA is your […]

    13 years ago
  • Schachter calls for more Wii third-party hits

    UBS analyst Ben Schachter has called for higher profile third party titles for the Nintendo Wii following the May NPD software numbers.“While overall hardware and software trends for the Nintendo Wii continue to be strong, we would like to see more third-party hits on the platform,” said Schachter.“To date, Guitar Hero III, Sega of America’s […]

    13 years ago