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VVVVVV confirmed for release on VVVVVVita

VVVVVV will be heading to Vita after all, Nicalis’ Tyron Rodriguez has announced. After teasing the possibility on Twitter earlier this month, on the PS blog Rodriguez went over the gameplay mechanics of the Terry Cavanagh title, but failed to provide a release date. Just know it’s official and it’s coming to PS VVVVVVita.

7 years ago

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  • VVVVVV may be headed to Vita in the near future

    VVVVVV may be coming to Vita in the near future if a tweet from Nicalis’ Tyron Rodriguez is any indication. The picture of the game running on Vita, which was tweeted by Rodriguez yesterday, was met with surprise by the game’s creator Terry Cavanagh who responded by saying: “Cool, I didn’t know this was still […]

    7 years ago