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  • Twitter/Facebook/ XBL preview invites going out Friday

    Microsoft’s Major Nelson has sent word (via Twitter, naturally) that invites for the New Social Networking Experience preview program will be along shortly. “The preview schedule: We close sign ups later today and (if all goes well) send first wave of notification emails Friday,” he said. And that’s all he wrote.

  • 360 Twitter, Facebook update demoed in video

    Kotaku’s posted up three videos of the forthcoming Twitter 360 update being put through its paces. Watch them all after the break. There’s a movie there of Twitter and Facebook being used, one of being trialled and another of stuff that didn’t work properly. Like 1080p streaming. The update’s happening next month.

  • Preview Program: Microsoft taking sign-ups for Facebook, Twitter, Zune

    Microsoft has announced that you can now sign-up for the Xbox Live Update Preview program. It’s to preview features such as Zune, Facebook and Twitter. To get in on the fun, you have to sign-up with Microsoft Connect and fill in the appropriate information. It’s open to all Xbox Live Members in regions where it’s […]

  • Microsoft removes November 17 date for Facebook/Twitter on XBL

    Well, isn’t this a surprise. Microsoft has removed all trace of the November 17 date that was on the Xbox website over the weekend for Facebook, Twitter and The website now just lists autumn 2009 for the update. We’ll email Microsoft about this for comment. Oh, by the way, before we forget: we’re on […]

  • Facebook and Twitter go live on XBL Nov 17 in the UK

    Microsoft has announced that its Facebook, Twitter, and Last.Fm update for Xbox Live will launch November 17 in the UK. This was spotted on the UK Xbox website. The public Beta is still slated for gold members during the middle of October. No word on if the US is getting the services the same day […]

  • Video demos XBL dashboard Tweeting, Facebook and Last.FM

    Joystiq has posted a video demoing Twitter, Facebook, and Last.Fm for Xbox Live. The vid was taken during the Microsoft Open House event yesterday, where the fall Xbox Dashboard Update was previewed. Go on and watch past the break.

  • Microsoft: Facebook and Last.FM public Beta coming this month

    Microsoft announced during its Open House event today in NYC that a public Beta for Facebook, Twitter and Last.FM integration on XBL will launch later in the month. Jennifer Puzio-Brookes, entertainment manager for Xbox, revealed the update during a behind-closed-doors session, stating the Beta will land during the “middle-towards-the-end of October.” Invites to certain members […]

  • Uncharted 2 chapter completion Twitter updates canned

    You may well have been swamped with Twitter updates from journalists playing Uncharted 2 pre-release. You may have found it annoying to receive a tweet every time people finish a chapter. Naughty Dog clearly think so too: it’s canned the feature. Said dev boss Evan Wells on the PS Blog: We’ve seen some concern about […]

  • 360 system update today in prep for Twitter and Facebook [Update]

    Nelson just confirmed that Xbox 360’s firmware will be upgraded today in preparation for the inclusion of Facebook, Twitter and functionality. “Sometime over the next few hours when you sign in to Xbox LIVE you’ll receive a prompt to accept this mandatory update,” said the exec. “If you are signed into LIVE already, you […]

  • Uncharted 2 packs Twitter integration

    As reported by TheBBPS, Uncharted 2 features a host of Twitter integration options, allowing the game to automatically tweet when you earn Trophies, reach level milestones, and so on. There’s a bunch of pictures of it all working over there. Pretty cool. The game’s out on October 15 in North America, with a UK date […]

  • PAX 2009: Twitter support confirmed for Blur

    Bizarre Creations has announced Twitter support for its racer Blur. The news was confirmed during PAX today by Joystiq. No word on whether Twitter in the game will be integrated with Twitter on 360 this fall, but we sent a mail to see if we can find out more. Hit the link for the rest.

  • Confirmed: Facebook and Twitter "free trial period" for 360 Silver members

    Microsoft’s cleared up yesterday’s tooing-and-froing on whether or not Facebook and Twitter will only be available to Gold Live members. In short, Silver member will get the soc media networks, but only for a “trial period”. The platform holder told VG247 in a statement this morning: Facebook and Twitter on Xbox LIVE will be free […]

  • Microsoft: Facebook and Twitter plans "not finalized" yet

    Microsoft has stated that its earlier announcement regarding Facebook and Twitter on Xbox Live being for Gold Members only was “incorrect”. According to a MS spokesperson speaking with MCV, the company is still “formulating its plans” for the services. Granted, it stated: “Xbox Live Gold Membership will be required for Twitter and Facebook when they […]

  • Facebook and Twitter on 360 is for Gold Members only

    In probably the most obvious announcement of the day, Microsoft has confirmed that Facebook and Twitter will only be available on Xbox 360 for Gold Members. This bit of news was slapped in with the price cut announcement. “Xbox LIVE Gold Membership will be required for Twitter and Facebook when they are available, and is […]

  • Rumour - OXM hint at 360 price-cut, new Walmart ad shows $299

    And the price-cut rumours just keep on rolling. It seems all but confirmed that the Xbox 360 will get a price-cut, but by how much? A guess would be £199/$299 for the Elite. In fact, the newest ad from Walmart has the Elite down for $299. The new price will take effect from Wednesday September […]

  • LucasArts tweets an announcement for Monday

    Yesterday, LucasArts tweeted that it would make an announcement regarding a title from its back-catalog. Unfortunately for those wanting news on a re-release of X-Wing, the news is not so good. Here’s the tweet: “Got a back-catalog announcement on Monday. It’s not X-Wing! I’m heading THAT rumor off at the pass!” Guess we’ll just have […]

  • 360 to get Twitter and Facebook "before Christmas"

    Microsoft told EG today that 360 will have Twitter and Facebook functionality before the end of the year. “It will be before Christmas,” said marketing chap James Halton. “A lot of the background work’s been done for a lot of applications that are coming.” So there you go. Follow us on other electronic devices in […]

  • Uncharted 2 in a "delicate" difficulty tuning process

    Naughty Dog co-president Evan Wells has tweeted that Uncharted 2 is going under a “difficulty tuning” as the game prepares for an autumn release. “We’re doing a playtest of the entire game of Uncharted 2 this weekend to begin our difficulty tuning,” said Wells. “It’s a very delicate process.” It’s exclusive to the PlayStation 3. […]

  • Games industry doesn't understand Twitter, says Mika

    Dev vet Mike Mika has told Develop that the games industry doesn’t get Twitter. We think it’s actually time to put the “no shit Sherlock” tag into proper action. “In boardrooms across the world, people are using Facebook and Twitter as a buzzword rather than really understanding why they work so well and what they […]

  • LucasArts teases big retro announcement for Monday

    LucasArts has teased a reveal for Monday via Twitter, stating that the announcement will be another “old school” title for fans to go gaga over. It could be anything, really, considering how highly the company thinks of digital distribution. Here are the tweets thanks to GamingShogun: Tweet One: ‘Amazing news coming Monday! Super excited! You […]

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