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Infinite Crisis dev diary goes behind the scenes on crafting the perfect DC Comics MOBA

Infinite Crisis developer Turbine has posted the first episode of the game’s behind the scenes documentaries, which discusses how the studio can make a perfect MOBA that lives up the DC Comics legacy.

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  • DDO: Shadowfell Conspiracy screens show off new dungeon

    The second major expansion for Dungeons & Dragons Online, Shadowfell Conspiracy, is almost upon us. These new screens apparently show off the new content’s main dungeon.

  • Shadow of Mordor trademarks, domains suggest new Lord of the Rings game inbound

    A number of pieces of disaparate evidence suggest Warner Bros. may have a new Lord of the Rings game on the boil.

  • Lord of the Rings Online update ten to nerf Wardens

    Big changes are coming to Lord of the Rings Online’s Wardens in the imminent update. The class is undergoing such a dramatic change that Turbine has decided to implement a grace period to allow players to collect gear appropriate to the new builds. If you play or are interested in a Warden, check out this […]

  • Dungeons & Dragons Online celebrates 7th birthday with Update 17

    DDO is having its 7th birthday next week, and as part of the party they’ve launched Update 17 and given everybody presents.

  • Lord of the Rings Online Update 10 changes up loot and armor set bonuses

    The Lord of the Rings Online Update 10 is coming soon, and Jonathan Steady at Turbine has posted a Dev Diary to explain some upcoming changes to the game they haven’t yet talked about, such as boss loot alterations and what’s going on with armor set bonuses.

  • Dungeons & Dragons Online Mac beta client available

    Dungeons and Dragons Online is n its way to Mac. A beta client for the free-to-play MMO is available right now from this link; it comes with a number of caveats so be sure to read the accompanying FAQ on the forum. Turbine recently produced an OS-X friendly version of The Lord of the Rings […]

  • LotRO: Riders of Rohan introduces Warbands

    Lord of the Rings ONline will gain a new kind of daily quest with the Riders of Rohan expansion – Warbands.

  • Lord of the Rings Online trailer demos Great River areas

    This new trailer gives a peek at the environments to be found in the newly-released update for Lord of the Rings Online.

  • First Drow-centric Dungeons & Dragons Online expansion due June 25

    The very first expansion for six year-old MMORPG Dunegons and Dragons Online will go on sale on June 25, with pre-orders netting a substantial list of bonuses.

  • Turbine: Premium MMOs here to stay, but subscription-only model "probably dying"

    The free to play revolution isn’t killing premium subscriptions, Turbine believes, but it’s forcing providers to give consumers flexibility.

  • LotR Online 'pay to win' items to "create solutions" for newbs

    New, performance-enhancing premium items added to the Lord of the Rings Online store are there to help out new players, Turbine has explained.

  • New LotRO dev diary talks classes

    Kotaku’s posted up a new Lord of the Rings Online dev diary, this one detailing the new classes to be released in the Mines of Moria expansion later this month. If Runemastering and Wardening have been top of your list of fantasy things to do since you were eight years old, you’re in luck. Take […]

  • New Mines of Moria screens and movie released

    On CVG. The second major Lord of the Rings Online expansion ships on November 18, and is looking tasty if hobbits are your thang. The video gives a look at some of the game’s new classes, and the 17 shots show the Central Levels and Khazaddum area.

  • Turbine will announce console MMO projects "early next year"

    Turbine will announce console MMO “products” early next year, Lord of the Rings Online dev boss Jeff Steefel told VG247 today. Note the plural. “We’re really not talking about what our console product plans are, but we will be soon,” he said when asked specifically if we’re going to see a console version of LotRO. […]

  • Mines of Moria gets release date

    Codemasters has confirmed that LotRO expansion Mines of Moria will release in both Europe and the US on November 18. Exec producer Jeffrey Steefel said, “Beginning November 18 players across North America and Europe will journey with the dwarves deep into Middle-earth to reclaim the ancient kingdom of Khazad-dûm from the minions of Saruman.” More […]

  • Job ad hints at LOTRO for consoles

    As spotted by Eurogamer, Turbine’s posted a job ad which could point to a console version of Lord of the Rings Online. The company is looking for a senior user interface engineer to “bring the user interfaces of our massively multiplayer titles to the next level” and do so “across both PC and console platforms”. […]

  • New LotRO Mines of Moria trailer shown

    As far as MMOs go, this looks amazing. Turbine’s shown off a video of scenery from the Flaming Deeps section of LotRO’s Mines of Moria expansion, and “pretty” isn’t the word, really. We’re going to get a closer look at this later in September. See it for yourself after the break.

  • LotRO has "most likelihood" of following WoW into mega-market, says Steefel

    Speaking to Eurogamer, Lord of the Rings Online boss Jeff Steefel has said that his game has the most chance of the fantasy MMOs to follow World of Warcraft into the mass market. “There’s another level of success, which is reaching a certain mass-market critical mass, which to be totally fair, only Blizzard has achieved […]

  • Final beta stage applications open for LotRO: Mines of Moria

    Turbine’s inviting applications for the final stage of the Mines of Moria beta, so go over to the official site and fill in your details if you want to get involved. The Lord of the Rings Online expansion’s listed as a Q4 release on Gamespress, and there’s a UK press event for it in late […]

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