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Brutal Bundle rounds up ten indie games for $5

Indie games are already usually good value, and bundles make them even cheaper. This one is almost recklessly cheap.

Tropico 4 headlines

  • Tropico 4 Apocalypse DLC spells the end of all things

    Island life is about to get a little less idyllic, as Tropico 4 developer Haemimont Studios has released the Apocalypse DLC pack for Xbox 360 and . It includes a new mission titled “How I learned to love the bomb,” which asks players to to prepare their island citizens for the end of the world.

  • Tropico 4 The Academy DLC now available

    There’s a new DLC pack out for city-builder and management sim Tropico 4, challenging players with unusually high levels of rebel activity but kitting them out with new military resources to combat the strife.

  • Tropico 4 Voodoo DLC out now on PC, Xbox 360

    Haemimont Games has produced yet another DLC pack for tropical island management sim Tropico 4. Called Voodoo, the new pack includes a mission in which our beloved El Presidente is targeted by a voodoo curse – entirely undeserved, I am sure. It also adds the Voodoo Manor building, Voodoo Priest costume, and a suitably magical […]

  • Three new Tropico 4 DLC packs available for Xbox 360

    Kalypso Media have announced the release of three new DLC packs for Tropico 4 on Xbox 360.

  • Tropico 4 Megalopolis DLC now available, new screenshots posted

    Tropico 4 has new DLC available via the Megalopolis pack, which contains a new campaign, new avatar clothing and other items.

  • Tropico 4's Pirate Heaven DLC is now available for PC

    Tropico 4’s Pirate Heaven DLC is now available for PC.

  • Tropico 4 Gold Edition releases in November for PC and Xbox 360

    Tropico 4 Gold Edition will release in November on PC and Xbox 360, and comes with the Modern Times expansion. The title contains over 30 unique missions, over 100 buildings in total, the Council of Ministers, and a sandbox mode for custom games, with improved map and scenario editor. Tropico 4 Gold Edition will release […]

  • Tropico 4 available via Games on Demand

    Humorous management-sim, Tropico 4, is available via Xbox 360’s Games on Demand service as a 3.47GB download for $29.99/£24.99. Read about the experiences of a Tropico virgin, when VG247’s Brenna took control of her own banana republic and realised one of her lifelong dreams: to build a pub.

  • Try something new: learning to sim with Tropico

    Even veteran gamers need to stretch themselves sometimes. We sent Brenna on the adventure of a lifetime to master both a new genre and a tiny tropical nation.

  • Tropico 4 free to play this weekend on Steam

    Tropico 4 is free to play all weekend on Steam, with 66 percent off the purchase price if players like what they see.

  • Tropico 4 gets Modern Times DLC, now available from Steam

    Kalypso has released the Modern Times DLC for Tropico 4. The content, which is set a year after events from the main game, features new crisis events related to the current economic situation and challenges regarding the war on terror and more. Get it from Steam here.

  • Tropico 4 Quick-Dry Cement DLC available now

    Evil Avatar reports Kalypso has released a new Tropico 4 add-on for both PC and Xbox 360. The Quick-Dry Cement pack goes for $4.99 or 400 MS Points, and adds a cement factory building, the constructor character trait, an engineer helmet, a new mission theme, and a handful of new decorations. You can see a […]

  • Quick Shots: The future is now in these Tropico 4: Modern Times screens

    Kalypso has released a pack of screenshots from Tropico 4: Modern Times which will be available in March for Xbox 360 and PC for 1200 Microsoft Points/$19.99. The expansion takes the island into the modern era, and you, as El Presidente, must decide whether to fight the changing tide, or go with the flow. Check […]

  • Tropico 4: Modern Times Expansion coming to PC and 360 in March

    Kalypso has announced the Modern Times Expansion for Tropico 4 will be released in March for PC and Xbox 360.

  • El Presidente returning to Xbox 360 in Tropico 4

    Kalypso has announced a release date for Tropico 4 on Xbox 360. The game, which was released on PC over the summer, contains 20 new missions across 10 new maps and new game features such as the ability to elect ministers into power to help get your more controversial decisions passed. It’s out on October […]

  • Xbox 360 Tropico 4 delayed, arriving October 18

    Hanging out for Tropico 4 on Xbox 360? Keep a-hangin’, publisher Kalypso Media has confirmed to Joystiq that the game planned for “mid-September” will now be arriving in mid-October. Specifically, the game should start hitting shelves from October 18th, even though the PC version’s out already. We hear that “although it isn’t radically different in […]

  • Tropico 4 US release windows locked down

    Kalypso has written to let us know it’s settled on a launch window for tropical island dictatorship sim, Tropico 4. The latest entry in the series is due on PC on August 30, and will arrive on Xbox 360 in mid September. Not sure how you feel about managing a nation dotted with volcanoes? Check […]

  • Tropico 4 demo now available

    Kalypso Media has released a demo of Tropico 4, which includes four tutorial missions and one campaign mission, where players will assume the role of the newly elected El Presidente who must build his island’s economy from a financial backwater to a world class economic superpower. Tropico 4 is set for release at the end […]

  • Friday Shorts II: Humble Bundle, RE6, Tropico 4, King Arthur, Def Leppard

    Time for a second batch of shorts to get your weekend started right. It is International Beer Day, after all, and we’ll personally be celebrating by participating in some Irish Yoga.

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