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  • Kojima "wanted" to develop complete MGS4 edition, doesn't have time

    A Trophies, 3D and Move-enabled version of Metal Gear Solid 4? Sounds like the sweet life, huh? Too bad you’re most likely not going to be getting it now.

  • PSP "Trophies" grab was Remote Play for PS3, says SCEE

    SCEE’s told VG247 that a CVG story from yesterday afternoon showing an image of a PSP XMB titled, “Trophies coming to PSP?” is, in fact, Remote Play for PS3.

  • Trophies for God of War Collection listed, game's golden

    The God of War Collection for PS3 has gone gold, folks, and to celebrate – Sony has listed all the Trophies you can acquire in the games. This extensive list is a bit big to be posted here, so head on over to the US PS Blog to check it out. If you have never […]

  • Enhanced PSN Trophies Online coming this week to US

    Later this week, Sony will make enhancements to the way Trophies can be viewed online. A walk through video is posted after the break. Here’s what you’ll be able to do: View detailed info on your trophies on Compare your trophies with multiple friends and other PSN ID’s Compare details on trophies within each […]

  • "Remain patient" on MGS4 Trophy issue, says Konami

    Trophies. Metal Gear Solid 4. Never the twain shall meet. Or will they? Kojima Productions’ Sean Eyestone, speaking in this podcast, has thrown the whinging masses yet another lifeline. Just to address one issue that we’ve been getting a lot of comments about. And this is, of course, about trophies. I just wanna tell everybody […]

  • New Trophy features added to European PlayStation site

    The official EU PlayStation website has been updated with new Trophy features. According to the UK end, the update has enhanced all Trophy information to allow users to view all they have earned, compare them with friends and check on the leaderboards. You can sign up through here, as well as get more information on […]

  • PS3 Tomb Raider: Underworld getting Trophies this month

    The PS3 version of Tomb Raider: Underworld is finally getting its Trophy patch, Eidos confirmed today. The rewards update will be added on May 28. “Sorry for the delay and thank you very much to those who were able to wait patiently,” said a rep. “It’s really appreciated and I hope you get some great […]

  • SingStar to get Trophies tomorrow

    SingStar’s getting Trophies tomorrow as part of its 3.01 update. There’s going to be 30 available, according to the press release after the link. In addition, My SingStar Online’s getting a revamp. So there’s awesome. All info down there.

  • PS3 Age of Booty now has Trophies, a demo

    The PSN version of Age of Booty now has Trophies, Capcom announced today. A demo’s also available for the game. For those as care, here’s a list of Trophies on offer: Cartographer (Bronze Trophy) – Create and save a custom map. Bombs Away (Bronze Trophy) – Destroy a neutral or enemy town’s defense with a […]

  • PS3 Trophies viewable on as of tomorrow

    You’ll be able to view your Trophies on from tomorrow, according to this post on the PS Blog. Later this year, Sony will “enhance these features giving you the ability to compare and sort Trophies in new ways.” There’s a movie of it all working after the break.

  • iPhone app lets you check out PS3 Trophies on the go

    A new iPhone app, released by UIEvolution, gives PS3 users a new way to search for Trophies on the go. It’s free, providing you don’t mind a bit of advertising, and allows you complete Trophy information on all available titles. “We’ve compiled a detailed and constantly up to date guide and branded it with the […]

  • Prince of Persia DLC will add new trophies to PS3

    Epilogue, next week’s Prince of Persia’s DLC, is to add a new batch of Trophies to the PS3 version. Silver Trophies Two Hidden Born Dead – Kill all the soldiers of the Epilogue before they spawn I Only Need a Hand or Twenty – Elika saves you fewer than 20 times in the whole Epilogue […]

  • Tomb Raider: Underworld Trophy patch on the way

    Eidos has confirmed that a Trophy patch is in the works for the PS3 version of Tomb Raider: Underworld. Community manager Keir Edmonds dropped the news on the Tomb Raider forums. “Lots of people have been asking about trophy support for the PS3,” he said. “The guys at Crystal have been looking into this for […]

  • PS3 Trophy error pops up, Sony to hammer it down – eventually

    According to a CVG report, PS3 Trophies’ ability to, er, do nothing in particular has run into a potentially shelf-smashing error. Apparently, after PSN users alter their PSN ID or password, Trophy data can become “corrupt.” Should that happen, certain games will then notify players that Trophy data has failed to sync – sometimes leading […]

  • Fallout 3 PS3 patch available, says internet

    Bethesda’s seemingly released the long awaited Trophy and bug patch for the PS3 version of Fallout 3. Nothing concrete has been forthcoming from the publisher, but all those internet reports can’t be wrong, can they? Still in doubt? Turn on your PS3, put the game disk in, and find out for yourself. By Mike Bowden

  • UK dev source: We can't check game saves to add Trophies retroactively, Jan 1 cut-off confirmed

    A UK development source has confirmed to VG247 this morning that all PS3 titles entering submission after January 1, 2009 must have Trophies implemented, and that it’s actually not allowed to retroactively add Trophies to existing games. reported yesterday that all PS3 games need to have Trophies from January. It’s true, we were told […]

  • PS3 Trophies to be mandatory beginning January 2009

    After a source close to Videogamer informed the site that Trophies will be mandatory in all PS3 games once January rolls around, the staff had a quick chat with a spokesperson from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, who confirmed the rumor in as few words as humanly possible. “Yes, from Jan 09 all games must have […]

  • Fallout 3 to get Trophies, says Hines

    Bethesda’s Peter Hines has confirmed that Trophies are on the way for Fallout 3. “It’s going to happen, just not sure when. We’ll let folks know when we have something more definitive,” said the comms boss in a live interview with Eurogamer readers. He’s still answering questions, so go and hassle him.

  • GTA IV Trophy patch now live

    PS3F reports that the Trophy patch for the PS3 version of GTA IV has now gone live, so if you fancy trawling through Nico’s adventures another time just to get some bits of virtual iron, you’re in luck. Because the game’s awards aren’t retroactive. Tough luck, sucker.

  • GTA IV Trophy patch coming October 27

    According to squillions of reports, the Trophy patch for the PS3 version of GTA IV will release next Monday. We normally avoid “you can now get Trophies” stuff, but this is GTA, so we have to report it. We love you, GTA.

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