iPhone app site asks for cash for “expedited” game reviews

iPhone app review site Appcraver is apparently asking developers for cash in return for “expedited” game reviews.Trixel developer Dan Boutros contacted the site to get his now-released iPhone puzzler reviewed. He got this in response:Thanks for sending over the information about your new app. Please note that due to the number of inquiries and review […]

11 years ago

Trixel headlines

  • Trixel releases on App Store

    Adept iPhone puzzler Trixel’s released on the App Store – hit this to buy it.The 100-level puzzler costs £1.79 if you’re in the UK. That isn’t very much money. Dan Boutros, him what did your Street Fighter IV review, was one of the developers on it, so help him out. He’s really poor and needs […]

    11 years ago
  • Trixel - first movie

    Have an iPhone? Sick of wading through 50 million Apps trying to find a decent game? Trixel, a grid-based puzzler, may be for you. There’s a video of it after the break.The game’s in submission at the moment, and will cost $3 when launched. Take a look.

    11 years ago
  • iPhone games give indies monthly cash and allow "way lower" entry point than "big three" dev

    Developing games for the App Store means less outlay and less set-up risk than making titles for PSN, XBLM or WiiWare, indie developer – and “leet hardcore” Street Fighter IV player – Dan Boutros has told VG247.“The cost of entry to a developer is way lower, you can control your own destiny by way of […]

    11 years ago