Play Killing Floor 2 free this weekend through Steam

Steam users can play Killing Floor 2 free for the entire weekend.

Tripwire headlines

  • Compete to win $1500 in Killing Floor 2's Guns 'n Gear design competition

    A contest is being run to find the best possible fan-designed weapon skins and cosmetic items for Killing Floor 2.

  • Killing Floor 2 screens - all the gore, guns & monsters you're gonna need

    Tripwire interactive’s recently announced sequel to its horror co-op shooter, Killing Floor 2, has received a fresh batch of screens showing what monster’s innards are made of, among other things.

  • Killing Floor 2 teaser video released, doesn't show much but it's still effective

    Killing Floor 2, which Tripwire says will be “as sick as possible,” has a teaser trailer available. Granted, like most teaser videos, it doesn’t show much at all but it’s effective, and rather loud so if you are at work, turn your speakers down so the boss doesn’t yell at you. Killing Floor 2 is […]

  • Tripwire teases Rising Storm expansion for Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

    Tripwire Interactive has released a teaser video for the Rising Storm expansion to Red Orchestra 2 showcasing the Iwo Jima level. This map features the beaches and tunnels of as well as Mt. Suribachi and other small hints at features coming in Rising Storm. The music you’ll hear in the video, as well as in […]

  • Red Orchestra 2 to continue free DLC and mod tools tradition

    Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad will keep players interested with mods, unlockables, free DLC, and maybe even expansions.

  • Red Orchestra 2 passes classification uncut in Australia

    TripWire Interactive has quelled concerns its hardcore shooter Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad would be softened for Australian release.

  • Tripwire announces Killing Floor Summer Sideshow event

    Tripewire has announced the Killing Floor Summer Sideshow event which will add a new map, Achievements, and a new DLC character pack to the game.

  • Red Orchestra 2 to sport VAC and Punkbuster

    Super hardcore shooter Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad is going to be almost as tough on cheaters as it is on newbs fresh from Modern Warfare 2, using both Valve Anti-Cheat and Punkbuster.

  • Heroes of Stalingrad gets Red Orchestra 2 added to title

    Tripwire has announced it’s decided to rebrand Heroes of Stalingrad to Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad.

  • Valve launches new Mac titles on Steam

    Valve’s sent over a list of titles that have been added to Steam for Mac today, that allow folks to play multiplayer with pals on PC.

  • Killing Floor to get paid and free DLC

    Tripwire Interactive has relayed that it will release both free and paid DLC content for Killing Floor. The first bit to be released will be a free map called Foundry with and AK-47 and a Katana in the “Heavy Metal” pack. The map itself is called Foundry and will add four new playable characters. No […]

  • Tripwire's Killing Floor now available on Steam

    Horror shooter Killing Floor is now available on Steam. Tripwire’s latest features multiplayer co-op for up to six players, over 40 Steam Achievements, perks to level up your character, a level editor and single-player mode for offline play. The game will run you $19.99. Hit the link for all the gory details.

  • Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad confirmed

    Tripwire’s confirmed a Red Orchestra sequel, Heroes of Stalingrad. The game’s forums are now open here. There’s no date on it as yet, but you can find out more in the May issues of PC Gamer in both the US and UK. More from Blue.

  • Killing Floor - new shots

    Some new screens of TripWire zombie shooter Killing Floor popped up last night – get them from GameInfoWire. The game’s being described as “Dead Alive meets The Re-Animator” and a “grindhouse exploitation horror film”. It’s out sometime this year. No formats confirmed.

  • Tripwire's Killing Floor is a British zombie game

    Red Orchestra: Ostfront developer Tripwire Interactive is making a zombie game. A British zombie game. Called Killing Floor, it’s six-player co-op affair. See on IGN. It’s being described as “Dead Alive meets The Re-Animator” and a “grindhouse exploitation horror film”. When asked if it will draw comparisons to Left 4 Dead, designer John Gibson says […]