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  • Trine devs to announce new game at E3 with Atlus

    Frozenbyte has said that during E3 it will announce a new digital distribution title to be published by Atlus in 2011.

  • Euro Trine demo out now

    There’s a Trine demo up on the EU PS Store, according to the system’s European blog. The co-op fantasy platformer’s full version’s already out for €19.99 and £16.99. Free is free. So do it. There’s a movie after the break.

  • US finally getting Trine on PSN October 22

    Frozenbyte plans to finally release Trine in the US on PSN. Made available in Europe two weeks ago, the US is finally getting in on the lovefest October 22. We’re glad to hear it’s finally going to happen. Via Kotaku.

  • Frozenbyte: Only a matter of time before we see more Trine

    If you were worried that Trine’s promising beginning would also be its untimely end, you can stop fretting now. Speaking with G4, Frozenbyte CEO Lauri Hyvärinen said that the swords ‘n’ sorcery-themed hop ‘n’ boppery will continue. Eventually. “There will be certainly more Trine,” said Hyvärinen, “but in what form, platforms and such, that still […]

  • Trine hitting PSN September 17

    Frozenbyte has announced that Trine will finally be hitting PSN September 17. Hooray. Trine has full support for Trophies and also features a Platinum Trophy as the ultimate reward. Again, hooray. It’s about time.

  • Trine discounted on Steam

    If you’ve yet to get involved with Frozenbyte’s Trine, a week-log reduction for the lovely platformer on Steam may be just enough to tip you over the edge. It’s down from £20 to £15. It’s pretty enough to warrant it.

  • Trine patch adds Cloud support on Steam

    Puzzle-platformer Trine got a new patch over on Steam yesterday evening. It allows players to save their game to Valve’s Steam Cloud service. Now you can play it at the mistresses, at the dentist, on the train, or even during Uncle Woody’s funeral. Other patch features include the addition of European languages (French, Italian, German, […]

  • Trine not hitting PSN this week, bug fix in the works

    Frozenbyte has revealed that Trine will not be released on PSN this week as originally planned. According to a post from the developer over on the official forums, a small bug needs to be fixed first. “Unfortunately, Trine isn’t coming to PSN this week, and this time it’s our fault as there was discovered yet […]

  • Frozenbyte says Trine project was a "big mess"

    Frozenbyte’s Joel Kinnunen has weighed-in on not only the disparity between price points on the recently released Trine, but the confusion over different versions of the game. “We want Trine to be on XBLA but it, too, is out of our hands,” he told Eurogamer. “We’re working with Atlus to make it happen but it […]

  • Trine out today for PC

    Steam’s published a July 2 release date for Frozenbyte’s Trine. Pony up £20 and you’ll be playing it this evening. You can pre-load now, with the co-op platformer unlocking eight hours from now. You may as well. You get Shadowgrounds for free if you buy it now.

  • Trine PS3 price half that of PC

    Frozenbyte’s confirmed to Shack that Trine PS3 will sell for $20: that’s half the price “official list” price. In defence of the news, a Trine dev said on the site’s forums: “[Pricing] guidelines are set by our publisher. Trine is far from a game created by a solo hero developer (we have over 20 employees […]

  • Trine demo lets you try out three player co-op

    A PC demo for Trine has arrived, and allows for three player cooperative play, full of physics based puzzles and enemies. Each character has talents that help invent solutions to puzzles and ways to defeat enemies. The Wizard can use magic to create objects and new paths, the Thief can uses agility and accuracy to […]

  • New screenshots show Trine looking better than ever

    We’ve just been handed some new screenshots from Fozenbyte’s beautiful looking PS3/PC platformer. Hopefully this means we’ll see more of it at E3 and get a firm release date to boot. Look down.

  • Super Stardust HD composer to work Trine soundtrack

    Ari Pulkkinen, composer of those catchy Super Stardust HD tunes, is lending his talent to the Trine team, reports Joystiq. “My objective with the Trine OST was to make something different and unique that would really capture the game’s story, with its little twisted and humorous turns,” said Pulkkinen. Trine looks pretty cool we reckon, […]

  • Trine's still pretty, screens prove it

    Couple of new screens on IGN here, showing the co-op side-scroller doesn’t get uglier with age. The Fozenbyte project’s a PC and PSN release. It’s out sometime this quarter.

  • Trine trailer is really, really ridiculously good looking

    A new trailer for Frozenbyte’s Trine’s been released. Watch it here. The fantasy action game looks drop-dead gorgeous. The music isn’t too shabby either. It releases for PC and PSN sometime this quarter. Thanks, Paavi.

  • Great looking Trine coming to PSN and PC

    French developer Nobilis and the Finnish Frozenbyte team have announced the rather excellent looking fantasy game, Trine, for PC and PSN coming out next year. “Trine is a fantasy action game where the player can create and use physics-based objects to beat hazardous puzzles and threatening enemies. Set in a world of great castles and […]

  • Sony working with Indian devs on PS2 games

    According to this Rediff story, Sony’s signed deals with 13 developers in India in an effort to produce local PS2 software for both the Indian market and abroad. In an effort to accelerate the growth of its popular gaming console Playstation 2 in India, Sony Computer Entertainment has tied up with 13 Indian game developers […]

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