Trash Panic

Best selling PSN titles for the month of June

Some more chart work from GamerBytes has surfaced, and this time instead of Xbox Live, PSN downloads are getting analyzed.Here are the top ten downloaded titles for the month of June on PSN courtesy of Gamasutra: Final Fantasy VII Wolfenstein 3D Resident Evil Director’s Cut Metal Gear Solid Bomberman Ultra Trash Panic Zen Pinball Street […]

11 years ago

Trash Panic headlines

  • Pay-to-play game hits Japanese PSN

    Sony’s released a pay-to-play game to the Japanese PSN.It’s a new version of Trash Panic, titled 100 Yen Gomibako, and and costs – obviously – 100 yen.For that, you get to download the game and play it three times.It’ll never catch on. Via Kotaku and Eurogamer. Thanks, Chris.

    11 years ago
  • Euro PSN update, June 4 - Trash Panic, Final Fantasy VII

    This week’s European PSN update is pretty decent.Trash Panic, Final Fantasy VII, a free MotorStorm ad-on pack and loads of E3 videos are just waiting for your  download.Most is posted below, and the rest is over on Joystiq.Playable Content Trash Panic full game (£3.99/€4.99) Final Fantasy VII PS1 game (£7.99/€9.99) Fight Night Round 4 demo […]

    11 years ago
  • Fat Princess, Ghosbusters demo and more coming to PSN in June

    The EU PS Blog has updated informing us all over what’s coming up on PSN this month and if the headline doesn’t give it away, it includes Fat Princess and a Ghostbusters PS3 demo.There’s Trash Panic and Numblast too, and some PSP classics are promised.Have a read.

    11 years ago
  • Sony teams up with Conservation International for Earth Day, announces Trash Panic

    During tomorrow’s Earth Day celebration, PSN will donate $1 for every download purchased – up to $10,000.The event is in partnership with Conservation International, a nonprofit organization that “seeks to protect Earth’s high-biodiversity wilderness areas and important marine regions around the globe.”To top things off, the environmentally friendly video game Trash Panic (Gomibako in Japan) […]

    11 years ago