Take-Two Q1 earnings call – the full transcript

Seeking Alpha’s posted up the transcript of the microscopic Take-Two earnings call yesterday.Pick over the bones if you feel the need. Get it all here if you can’t be bothered.

12 years ago

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  • Take-Two's full-year earnings call transcribed in full

    Seeking Alpha’s posted the entire transcript of Take-Two’s full-year earnings call last night, but it looks as though the bombshells were few and far between from a good look around this morning.Strauss and the rest of the kids, as ever though, are good fun to read. Settle in with your coffee. It’s not as though […]

    13 years ago
  • Full Japanese Nintendo press conference posted in English

    Nintendo’s posted its entire Tokyo presentation from this morning on its site, lovingly translated into English.There are some amazing graphs through there. Best in the industry. There’s also this gem of a quote from Big Boy Iwata:Portable game machines are designed to be enjoyed regardless of time and where you are. The ultimate sales goal […]

    13 years ago
  • EA financials: Full transcript available online

    Still want more EA financial stuff? Can’t be bothered to listen to the conference call in the webcast? Hunger for more on what happened in the company’s third quarter? Haven’t read every news story taken from the call? Then you are in luck. The full transcript’s available here.

    14 years ago