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  • Yo-Kai Watch trademark gives hope of western release for Level-5 ghost hunter

    Level 5 has made a US trademark for Yo-Kai Watch, presumably ahead of a western localisation of Youkai Watch, its 3DS exclusive about taming Japanese spirits.

  • The Banner Saga sequel blocked by King's trademark claim

    The Banner Saga developer Stoic has said it can’t fulfil its ambitions to make a sequel to the tactical RPG while King blocks its rights to the series’s title.

  • The Banner Saga also hit by King trademark claims

    Not content with candy-related takedowns, King has seemingly contradicted its promises to be thoughtful in its application of trademark claims by filing a notice against The Banner Saga, a game with absolutely no connection to Candy Crush Saga beyond a shared word.

  • Candy Jam cocks a snook at King's trademark claim

    Indie developer Cariboo has launched Candy Jam, a game jam inspired by Candy Crush Saga King’s trademark on the word “candy”. The only rules of the jam are to “make a game involving candies. Consider using the word ‘candy’ several times, also ‘scroll’, ‘saga’ and ‘apple’ might give bonus points.” To avowed purpose of the […]

  • The Seeds of Salvation trademarked by Square Enix in the US

    Square Enix has filed a trademark for The Seeds of Salvation, as screengrabbed by AllGamesBeta. Theres been no announcement, but the title was also trademarked in Japan in November, at which time we speculated it might be a new Dragon Quest game. It’d be great to see a Dragon Quest game release in Japan and […]

  • Deep Down: Capcom trademarks PS4 exclusive in North America

    Deep Down developer Capcom has trademarked its PS4-exclusive RPG in North America, according to a filing published last month.

  • Microsoft trademarks new title Throne Together

    Throne Together seems to be a new game coming from Microsoft, according to a recent trademark application.

  • Desert Strike trademarks pop up

    EA has filed two trademarks for Desert Strike, which you may recall as a 16-bit era isometric action strategy hybrid which spawned a series of five games ending with 1997 N64, PC and PSOne release Nuclear Strike. There’s been no indication the publisher intends to resurrect the beloved property, unfortunately, so don’t get too excited […]

  • Square Enix trademarks may mean new Dragon Quest localisations

    A couple of English-language Square Enix trademarks have been uncovered, with some evidence the publisher may be bringing more Dragon Quest games west.

  • Fallout 4 trademarked by Bethesda in Europe

    Fallout 4 is looking more and more likely thanks to yet another piece of evidence suggesting a reveal might be on the way.

  • Blizzard files Warlords of Draenor trademark, almost certainly Warcraft related

    A new Blizzard trademark looks a heck of a lot like the name of the next World of Warcraft expansion.

  • Bravely Default sequels inbound, trademarks suggest

    Square Enix has made a number of trademarks which seem related to Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, suggesting it is contemplating a sequel. A Japanese blog spotted the publisher’s freshly-registered local trademarks for Bravely Second and Bravely Third. The 3DS exclusive RPG looks to be headed west at last in updated re-release Bravely Default: For the […]

  • Pokémon trademarks, concept trailer make everyone excited

    There is no Pokémon fighting game. But there is a cool concept trailer and a couple of trademarks which got everybody very hot under the collar.

  • Activision's Call of Duty: Space Warfare trademark gone

    Despite all our hopes for the future of the Call of Duty franchise being placed entirely on the possibility of the existence of a Space Warfare subfranchise, it doesn’t look like that’s going to be reversing all the negativity thrown at the blockbuster series by fans of Battlefield any time soon, as the trademark for […]

  • Bully trademark reminds us Rockstar promised to revisit PS2 classic

    Take Two has filed a new trademark for Bully, which may just be the regular cycle of good business practice but is a great excuse for speculation. Bully, otherwise known as Canis Canem Edit, was developed by Rockstar Vancouver, which went on to lead Max Payne 3. In the interim, it’s probably been busy helping […]

  • Blizzard trademarks "cute but deadly"

    Blizzard has filed a US trademark for the phrase “cute but deadly” across a variety of goods and services. Don’t get too excited, though – the publisher has not picked up the trademark as it pertains to video games. Looks like a merchandising drive is in the works to me. Thanks, Gamespot.

  • Lost Swords trademark filed in Europe by Namco Bandai

    Namco Bandai has filed a trademark in Europe for something called Lost Swords. The trademark encompass various video game jargon, and as Siliconera points out, it doesn’t seem to be connected to any particular title in Japan. While it could be something new it could also be a subtitle or a name change for a […]

  • Shaq Fu trademarks also registered by O'Neal's licensing company

    According to Siliconera, Shaquille O’Neal’s licensing company, Mine O’ Mine, has filed a swathe of gaming-related trademarks for “Shaq Fu”, the title of a 16-bit era game starring the NBA favourite. Previously, the company registered trademarks for Shaqfighter, but there’s not been any indication it intends to do anything with these marks – yet. Thanks, […]

  • Final Fantasy Agito trademark re-registered by Square Enix Japan

    Square Enix has re-registered a trademark for Final Fantasy Agito, the long-abandoned title of a PSP game that never made it to the west.

  • Petroglyph trademarks Deadscape, lay-offs rumoured

    Two little bits of gossip regarding RTS developer Petroglyph suggesting job cuts and a new game in the works.

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