Trackmania 2: Stadium

Ubisoft’s ManiaPlanet games and services land on Steam

Ubisoft has announced its ManiaPlanet games and services, including ShootMania Storm, will be available on Steam as will TrackMania 2 Stadium. Open betas for both titles can now be accessed through the service, and the full TrackMania 2 Canyon game is now also on Steam. You can also pre-order ShootMania and TrackMania 2 Stadium and […]

7 years ago

Trackmania 2: Stadium headlines

  • TrackMania 2 to expand with two new entries

    Trackmania 2: Canyon wasn’t the end of Nadeo’s plans for its user-generated content focused racing franchise; not by a long shot. This weekend brought the reveal trailers for two new entries, Stadium and Valley.

    8 years ago