Tower Defense

Dead Island Survivors is mobile tower defense with zombies

Dead Island is back with Survivors – a tower defense spin-off for your smartphone.

2 years ago

Tower Defense headlines

  • Anomaly Warzone Earth coming this summer to a PSN account near you

    Anomaly Warzone Earth will release on PSN this summer, according to an announcement from 11-bit Studios. The game will include local co-op which will allow players to each control a commander as one plans the route to take while the figures out what units will tag along. The game was originally released on iOS, PC, […]

    8 years ago
  • Hidden Path bringing Defense Grid: The Awakening to XBL this summer

    Microsoft has debuted Defense Grid: The Awakening for Xbox Live at Comic Con.Hidden Path’s tower defense strategy title will be available on the service late this summer.Previously a PC only title, the 360 version contains 24 environments, four bonus maps, 100 unlockable challenge modes, and over 12 hours of story-play. Pricing and an exact date […]

    11 years ago