Torrie Dorrell

SOE “challenges” other firms to stump up game dev scholarships for women

SOE’s asked other companies to fork out scholarships of $10,000 to give to women looking to get training in games development.“Today, I am challenging everyone to take action to help level the playing field for women pursuing a career in video games. By donating to the G.I.R.L. scholarship, we can encourage diversity in development and […]

12 years ago

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  • "Women are out there in significant numbers," says G.I.R.L. boss

    Torrie Dorrell, head of the SOE G.I.R.L. (Gamers in Real Life) program to provide scholarships to women to get into games development has said that the initiative is designed to address the balance the man-woman ratio in the average studio.“Women are out there in significant numbers playing MMOs, action games, first-person shooters,” she said. “What […]

    12 years ago