Toro's Friend Network

Toro’s Friend Network – no plans for an EU release at this time, says Sony

Toro’s Friend Network, the Vita’s first social gaming app, will not be released in Europe. However, the plan may change eventually, but for now, don’t expect it. “There aren’t plans for an EU release of Toro,” said Sony’s Jawad Ashraf in a comment on the EU PlayStation Blog. “I hope that changes.” The app is […]

7 years ago

Toro's Friend Network headlines

  • Toro's Frend Network, Paint Park Plus headed to Vita

    Last week’s release of Imaginstruments wasn’t the end of Sony’s Vita discovery apps blitz; oh no. According to an update on the PS Blog, this week’s North American PlayStation Store update delivers Toro’s Friend Network, a social town builder and mini-game collections that connects with Facebook and Twitter, and an enhanced version of Paint Park, […]

    7 years ago