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  • BioWare looking into technical issues with modifiable offhand in SWTOR

    BioWare said during its weekly SWTOR community Q&A it’s looking into a technical issue preventing a modifiable offhand with some classes, and that it plans on added a new augment slot to existing modifiable items. The developer also there there are currently no plans for making companions more interchangeable, and also discussed the various rates […]

  • BioWare switches SWTOR team around to create more PvP, end game content

    SWTOR lead designer Daniel Erickson has said the team at BioWare has realized how large the PvP community is, so it has “turned a huge amount of resources” towards creating more content. He also told RPS that more team members have been assigned to create end game content as players are approaching the current cap […]

  • SWTOR - character transfer system hitting "in early summer," new playable species teased

    BioWare has posted its weekly Community Q&A and in it, the firm teased new playable species coming to the MMO this year.

  • SWTOR expands into Middle East and more European countries

    BioWare has announced Star Wars: The Old Republic has officially launched in more European countries and the Middle East. Hit up the list here. Thanks, Talkar.

  • SWTOR servers offline for emergency maintenance until later this evening

    BioWare has announced the SWTOR servers, which it took down earlier this morning for emergency maintenance, should be back up by 7.00pm EST. The developer tool the game offline due to some areas of the game being “reverted to pre-Game Update 1.2 status,” and some areas were missing completely and character in these areas became […]

  • SWTOR Update 1.2 - Legacy deploys on April 12

    BioWare has announced it will be bringing down the SWTOR servers for eight hours on April 12 in order to apply Update 1.2 – Legacy. All game servers will be offline during this period, and while eight hours is the mark, it could last a bit longer so be prepared.

  • Latest SWTOR video show UI customization in update 1.2

    BioWare has released a new video showing how to customize the UI in SWTOR, a feature which will be included with update 1.2. It’s posted below. A release date has yet to be announced for the next update.

  • SWTOR developer blog discusses PvP changes with update 1.2

    BioWare has updated the SWTOR blog to discuss the new PvP ranking system coming with patch 1.2. According to the team, changes in rank will be based on said rank when compared to your opponents’, and separate tracking options for solo and group players will be available. New Warzone rewards were also highlighted along with […]

  • SWTOR Legacy System explained in latest developer video

    BioWare has released a new video discussing the Legacy System coming with Star Wars: The Old Republic Update 1.2. The Legacy System allows you to build your own family tree and link your characters on the same server together.Achievements will also open up new species options, as well as new abilities for all the characters […]

  • Another free-to-play weekend for SWTOR starts March 22

    BioWare has announced another free weekend for Star Wars: The Old Republic will commence this Thursday, March 22 and end on Monday, March 26. However, it is only available to those who have not previously participated in free trials of the game.

  • Crew skill overhauls and tweaks noted in SWTOR Update 1.2 notes

    BioWare has noted that quite a few crew skill changes are heading to Star Wars: The Old Republic with Update 1.2. The game’s designer Georg Zoeller posted a rather large list of changes coming with the update on the official site. One of the highlights noted was a change to artifice schematics which will allow […]

  • Far, far away: SWTOR is free-to-play this weekend

    Starting Thursday, March 15, players around the world will be able play Star Wars: The Old Republic in the first Weekend Pass Free Trial. For a limited time, individuals who don’t already have a previously-active SWTOR account can experience the MMO for up to four days for free, with no payment method required.

  • SWTOR's 1.7 million paid subscribers may hit 2 million soon

    Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello told investors that as of the end of February, Star Wars: The Old Republic has nearly 1.7 million paid subscribers with the “vast majority” playing beyond the free month of playtime. Because of this, Cowen and Company analyst Doug Creutz has estimated it will go up to 2 million monthly […]

  • Star Wars: The Old Republic Legacy 1.2 update due in April

    Bioware has released a video for Star Wars: The Old Republic Update 1.2 Legacy which will give you a look into the content coming next month. It’s posted below. The content will include Flashpoint: Lost Island, Operation: Explosive Conflict, and Warzone: Novare Coast.

  • SWTOR could potentially attain over 1 million paid subscribers

    A report from market research firm DFC Intelligence has concluded Star Wars: The Old Republic “has the potential to be a successful long-term online subscription PC game,” despite a “general decline in high-end subscription game products and growing competition from numerous free-to-play games.”

  • SWTOR's lead PvP designer answers community questions from fan site

    SWTOR’s PvP designer Gabe Amatangelo is interviewed by fansite in the video below discussing DPS meters, the state of warzones, and ongoing issues with kill-trading. Thanks, Massively.

  • Second major patch for SWTOR to contain docking tweaks, ship customization put on hold

    BioWare has posted answers to its latest, weekly SWTOR developer Q&A, and according to the firm, the second major patch will include animation adjustments, tweaks to planet docking, the ability to roll on equipment for companions and that plans for new ship models and customization have been pushed to the side for a future update.

  • Average play time for SWTOR is four hours, most prefer Sundays

    BioWare has said the average SWTOR spends between four and six hours per gaming session, and more players prefer to play on Sundays than any other day of the week.

  • SWTOR weekly Q&A details Legacy changes, future content

    Bioware has posted its first weekly developer Q&A over on the SWTOR forums, and in it, the firm addresses questions regarding upcoming content, and fixes currently in the works. According to the post, patch 1.2 will bring about the first rewards to the Legacy System, and will allow players to combine races and classes. More […]

  • SWTOR players reporting issues with PvP since update 1.1.2

    SWTOR players have reported issues with the PVP planet Ilum since update 1.1.2 was released, citing kills not being registered, this daily and weekly quest requirements not being met. At lot of folks who have leveled in the game are participating in PvP until new content is released, and have posted the issue on the […]

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