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  • SWTOR developer diary details Section X and HK-51 missions in Update 1.5

    SWTOR’s latest developer blog has been posted, and it provides plenty of details on Update 1.5 – specifically missions pertaining to Section X and HK-51. There’s also plenty of spoilers for character’s in-game storylines, but thankfully players can avoid those by not logging in; thus avoiding anything spolieriffic. You can read up on the entire […]

  • Star Wars: The Old Republic going free-to-play next week

    SWTOR is going free-or-play next week, Bioware has announced.

  • SWTOR developer video details Game Update 1.5: HK-51 Activated

    SWTOR has a new developer dispatch video available which discusses some of the new content coming with Game Update 1.5: HK-51 Activated. In the video, members of the development team outline some of the missions present in the new Section X area on Belsavis, how players will search the galaxies for clues in order to […]

  • SWTOR game update 1.5 lands on the public test server

    SWTOR update 1.5 has landed on the public test server.

  • SWTOR update 1.4 files point to new boss, area, pets, dailies, and companion

    SWTOR update 1.4 files have been dug around in by some industrious types, and it looks as though some more content is on the way according to what was unearthed.

  • SWTOR update 1.4 will contain moods, Group Finder teleport back, more

    SWTOR update 1.4 will contain some new elements for players when it launches such as moods, the ability to teleport back from whence you came after using Group Finder to complete a mission, and more.

  • SWTOR high population server tech testing starts today

    Star Wars: The Old Republic’s public testing server has been switched over by BioWare in preparation for the new Mega Servers the developer plans to implement into the game.

  • SWTOR free-to-play rewards expanded

    Star Wars: The Old Republic free-to-play incentives have been expanded upon by BioWare due to players vote. Now, rewards for current and returning subscribers will include a Party Jawa, which Massively describes as a “fun-loving native of Tatooine who has nothing better to do than bring the festivities to you.” The reward chart will also […]

  • SWTOR - class changes and balancing coming with Update 1.4

    SWTOR Update 1.4 will address several issues with class gameplay usability and balance when it launches for the MMO. According to a new developer post from senior designer Austin Peckenpaugh, foremost among the changes will be an adjustment to crowd control and the Resolve system, and a “reevaluation of stealth spec gameplay.”

  • SWTOR free trial goes live with patch 1.3.2

    BioWare has announced its unlimited trial for Star Wars: The Old Republic launches today with patch 1.3.2. The trial will allow players access to eight classes and the respective origin worlds as well as one PvP Flashpoint PvP – up to level 15. Players who have previously participated in the Weekend Pass Free Trials or […]

  • Get a Gannifari pet when you transfer to a qualifying server in SWTOR

    Want an incentive to switching your SWTOR character over to another server? BioWare has read your mind and is offering up a Gannifari pet if you do, and to sweeten the deal, it’s also handing out 25 Black Hole Commendations so you can buy some super special high-end kit. According to the firm, “hundreds of […]

  • SWTOR devs explain how the tie-breaker is decided on Voidstar PvP map

    SWTOR team members have explained how the tie-breaker is decided on the Voidstar PvP map, an area which by all accounts, can be a frustrating situation for many players.

  • SWTOR Update 1.3 – Allies launches today

    In case you forgot, BioWare’s releasing Update 1.3 – Allies for SWTOR today. The update contains the Group Finder, Ranked Warzones, Legacy Character Perks, and Adaptive Gear. Load up your game client, and start patching now.

  • SWTOR update 1.3 launches June 26, more character slots in the plan

    BioWare has posted a new Q&A for Star Wars: The Old Republic regarding the MMO’s latest content release, update 1.3: Allies. While it mainly focuses on what’s included in the content: Legacy Perks, Ranked Warzones, Adaptive Gear, and a new Group Finder, it also fields questions regarding armor sets, abilities, and class changes. It also […]

  • SWTOR - list of available servers for transfer updated

    BioWare has updated the list of SWTOR servers eligible for character transfers. Those wondering if their server has been deemed worthy, hit up the list here. BioWare will be offering free character transfers from select origin servers to pre-determined destination servers, and said servers and their corresponding destination servers “will be revealed on a regular, […]

  • Free character transfers to "select servers" go live in SWTOR next week

    BioWare has announced that starting next week on June 12, SWTOR players will – if they choose – be allowed to transfer their characters over to a different server, free of charge. These will direct transfers from one origin server to a pre-selected destination server, in order to “provide a better gameplay experience for our […]

  • SWTOR is free-to-play up to level 15 starting in July

    BioWare co-founder Ray Muzyka took the stage at EA’s E3 press conference to announce Star Wars: The Old Republic will be going free-to-play up to level 15 next month.

  • SWTOR - MMO subscriber numbers "are funny things," lots of "variables to consider," says BioWare

    BioWare’s Emmanuel Lusinchi has said there are many variables and metrics when it comes to figuring out how many players an MMO such as Star Wars: The Old Republic has; therefore, when a number is provided by the company or a retailer, it’s not the full picture.

  • Report - Average SWTOR server has 344 players online at a given time

    Over on the SWTOR forums, a player going by the name Scorpienne has complied a report which features population estimates on the MMO’s servers. According to his estimates, some servers only have, on average, 344 players online at a given time.

  • Star Wars: The Old Republic update 1.3 detailed

    BioWare’s detailed update 1.3 for Star Wars: The Old Republic, the key feature of which being a group finder for flashpoints and operations. The update, called Allies, will also come with server transfers, more legacy options and more. IGN has more details, with a video interview featuring lead game designer Daniel Erickson below.

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