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Neversoft rumoured to be off Hawk, Robomodo steps up

In its latest podcast, Giant Bomb’s rumoured that Neversoft isn’t working on the next Tony Hawk game, which is instead being developed by new Chicago outfit Robomodo.The Illinois team is apparently made up from ex-EA Chicago staffers and is currently looking for staff for an Acitvision project, as you can see here.If true, it would […]

12 years ago

Ton Hawk headlines

  • Activision financials: Hawk for revamp in this FY

    In last night’s investor conference call, which followed the announcement of record financials for Activision’s third quarter, company execs confirmed that a new Tony Hawk game would release in this financial year and would be revamped over the now tried and tested forumula beaten to death in its nine-game history.The game, obviously, is likely to […]

    13 years ago