Tom Watson

“Deeply concerned” Vaz tables EDM for MW3, Watson reacts

He’s back at it. Labour MP Keith Vaz has tabled an Early Day Motion on Modern Warfare 3 in Parliament. [Spoilers for MW3 after the break]

9 years ago

Tom Watson headlines

  • Politician proposes tax breaks for UK game devs

    British Labour MP Tom Watson has come out in support of the games industry, calling for reforms to the Research and Development Tax Credit system.

    9 years ago
  • Modern Warfare 2: Watson bites Vaz over Mail comments

    Labour MP Tom Watson has told the BBC that remarks made by anti-game stalwart Keith Vaz about Modern Warfare 2 todkay ared a bridge too far.“Everything that comes out of Parliament in relation to video games is relentlessly negative,” he said.“There are thousands of people employed in this industry, there are 26 million people playing […]

    11 years ago
  • Children should play more games, says Cabinet minister

    Cabinet Office Minister Tom Watson’s told the Mirror that children should be encourage to play more videogames.Watson, who is in charge of encouraging new technology across Government, said: “Basically, I think playing games is a good thing.“I’d rather my boy be playing on his Wii than passively watching telly.“Most games are educational. They make you […]

    12 years ago