Tom Nichols

KOTOR MMO has “potential” for action figures and comic book licensing

BioWare’s Star Wars: The Old Republic could well turn into a licensing juggernaut, if comments made to VG247 by LucasArts are anything to go by.“We are looking forward to working with our partners in LucasFilm, that have worked with us previously on KOTOR in bringing the comic books to life, and action figures, and all […]

13 years ago

Tom Nichols headlines

  • KOTOR MMO is "overwhelming," says Lucas boss, but the opportunity is "huge"

    LucasArts online boss Tom Nichols has told VG247 that the prospect of bringing Star Wars: The Old Republic to market is “overwhelming” at times, but that the triumvirate of EA, LucasArts and BioWare is big enough to successfully release such a high profile MMO.“Daunted? I don’t know if I’d use that word,” said Nichols when […]

    13 years ago
  • WoW is the target for The Old Republic, says LucasArts and EA

    Both EA and LucasArts have confirmed to VG247 that the target for BioWare’s newly announced Star Wars: The Old Republic is to make an MMO with a larger userbase than World or Warcraft.“We have very high expectations for this,” said EA Games president Frank Gibeau, speaking this week at LucasArts’ HQ in San Francisco.“Just look […]

    13 years ago
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic is "PC-only," says LucasArts boss

    LucasArts online head Tom Nichols has told VG247 that upcoming BioWare MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic is a PC-only game, ostensibly conflicting a report that the title is in consideration for console release.“It is PC-only,” said Nichols when asked if KOTOR’s Xbox tradition would be upheld.When pushed on whether or not the game would […]

    13 years ago
  • More Star Wars Galaxies content planned, will run alongside TOR "indefinitely"

    LucasArts senior online exec Tom Nichols has confirmed that the firm’s current plan is to run Star War Galaxies alongside The Old Republic for an indefinite period, and that more content is on the way for the current MMO.“That’s the plan right now,” Nichols told VG247 when asked specifically if the two would run together […]

    13 years ago