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  • Tokyo Jungle screens get lovey dovey

    That headline would have been a perfect ace if one of the animals featured in this batch of Tokyo Jungle screenshots was an actual dove.

  • Watch 17 minutes of Tokyo Jungle gameplay

    Got 17 minutes to spare? Want to see pixelated animals fighting over resources or trying to keep from being said resource? Then head below the break to watch a video showing the opening stage to Tokyo Jungle as a cute Pomeranian. Game’s out in stores on June 7 in Japan as well as through the […]

  • Tokyo Jungle now available for pre-order through PS Store in Japan

    Sony has started taking digital pre-orders for Tokyo Jungle in advance of the game’s June 7 release the PS Store in Japan. Those who wish to pick the game up through the service will have to pay in-full in advance, but it will be less expensive that way as well: the digital version is ¥3,900 […]

  • Tokyo Jungle TV ad barks over Tokyo rooftops

    Watch downtown Tokyo get swarmed with all kinds of animals and a small dog on a rooftop below the break. I have nothing else to add to the crazy video. It’s out next week in Japan for PS3.

  • Elephants in Tokyo Jungle can wear roller skates

    Andriasang has posted new information on Tokyo Jungle, which focuses on the various equipment your animal character can don. One interesting bit of gear, is roller skates for elephants, which help the animal to move faster. There’s also a sumo wrestler belt for the Japanese Tosa dog which helps it run faster for some odd […]

  • Pomeranian and deer duo face many dangers in Tokyo Jungle

    New assets and story details for Tokyo Jungle have been posted on Andriasang. The shots show a Pomeranian in his red coat battle it out with a pissed off house cat, while two deer must outrun a cheetah and a dinosaur. Hit up the link for more information.

  • A hyena and chimpanzee play nice in this Tokyo Jungle panel video

    Sony has released a video of a panel held for Tokyo Jungle and it’s posted below. It’s in Japanese, but there are gameplay clips in it showing a hyena and a chimpanzee looking for food together in the multiplayer survival mode – which gives each player just three lives each. Th panel features Shouji Masuda […]

  • Platinum producer Inaba plays Tokyo Jungle - video proof inside

    Here is Platinum Games producer Atsushi Inaba, currently involved on Anarchy Reigns and Metal Gear Rising. And here he is playing Tokyo Jungle. What do you get you combined the two together? The following video below, via Andriasang. The PS3 title’s out in June in Japan. No western release has been confirmed yet.

  • Tokyo Jungle trailer doesn't talk dirty to the animals

    And for that, I’m disappointed. Get the video below, via AGB. The PSN titles launches in Japan this summer.

  • Quick Shots - Play dress ups in Tokyo Jungle

    The animals in Tokyo Jungle can equip items of clothing, and acquire bonuses for complete sets. This is because Tokyo Jungle is the best game ever. Look at that buffalo dressed as a bear. Sold.

  • Tokyo Jungle Screenshots screenshots show domestic livestock, pets and cheetahs

    Andriasang has posted quite a few shots of Tokyo Jungle and it looks as though love is in the air for some of the critters. Go have a look. The game will launch in Japan on June 7 for PS3.

  • Rebooted Tokyo Jungle gets new screens

    Sony’s put out the first four screens of the newly-revampled Tokyo Jungle. Previously running from a 2D side of things, the game will now be played in a 3D perspective. The game will launch in Japan on June 7 for PS3. Get the four screens below, via Andriasang.

  • Tokyo Jungle dated for June 7 in Japan

    SCEJ’s announced via this week’s Dengeki PlayStation it’ll release under-the-radar title Tokyo Jungle on PSN on June 7 in Japan.

  • Wednesday Shorts: Dog fighting, DDO, Madden, God Hand, Angry Birds, Romero, sales

    While a lot of folks feel they’ve been kicked in the neck over this PSN business and have seen loads of reports on the situation, other stuff happened in the world of games as well. Below, you will find that other stuff.

  • More information on Tokyo Jungle pops up through Famitsu

    Famitsu has new information on the PS3 game from Sony’s PlayStation C.A.M.P. initiative, Toyko Jungle.

  • Tokyo Jungle confirmed for Europe

    SCEE’s announced it’s bringing weird survival title Tokyo Jungle to PSN later this year.

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