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Rumour – GRID 2 in active development

According to OXM UK’s rumours page, via CVG, Codemasters’ GRID development team is even now back at work on a sequel, which is expected to surface after the release of F12012 in September. The first GRID launched on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2008, as part of the much-loved TOCA Race Driver franchise.

9 years ago

Toca Race Driver headlines

  • Quick quotes: Codemasters would "love" to revisit TOCA: Race Driver

    “There’s the Racing Studio team who have rolled onto another project now after doing DiRT. Obviously in Birmingham we’re doing the F1 title and we’re ramping up to do another title which hasn’t been announced yet and that’ll be mentioned at some point. I personally would love to do touring cars again at some point, […]

    10 years ago