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  • Blizzcon 2011 dated for mid-October

    Activision’s just announced details of this year’s Blizzcon, taking place from October 21-22.

  • Blizzard confirms Titan codename for next MMO

    Blizzard chief Frank Pearce confirmed to D’Toid at the VGAs last month that Titan is the codename of the company’s newest MMO.

  • PSP comic store to host 500 comics upon launch

    Sony has said that more than 500 comics will be made available at launch when the PSP Comic Store goes live in December. Big names like Marvel, 2000AD and IDW have signed on so far along with Insomnia, iVerse and Titan. At least with digital comics, you don’t have to worry about keeping them safe […]

  • GDC: Titan releases new Fat Princess screens

    On Joystiq. Titan showed Fat Princess in the PS Blog Lounge at GDC yesterday, but Steph didn’t turn up till late and we can’t see too much about it elsewhere. For shame. No specific date as yet.

  • Halo MMO was to have been "new focus" for Ensemble

    Ensemble’s Halo MMO, codenamed both Titan and Orion – was to be the developer’s “new focus” beyond Halo Wars, according to this Gamasutra article on the firm’s closure. A new campus was even being built to house development for the game, but work was was halted when Microsoft finally reach a decision to close the […]

  • Halo MMO was pre-Covenant and fully green-lit, says Ensemble boss

    Speaking to Shacknews, Ensemble tech boss Dave Pottinger has outlined the background for the firm’s canned MMO, and revealed that the game was green-lit and had staffed up to 40 employees before is was axed in an exec changeover. From the interview: What were the circumstances behind the Halo MMO? Pottinger: Ensemble has been wanting […]

  • A Halo MMO would be "pretty challenging" - Bungie

    Speaking to GI at TGS, Bungie PR boss Brian Jarrard has claimed that Bungie only had a vague idea anyone was working on a Halo MMO, and that creating one would be “pretty challenging” thanks to the necessary creation of “a whole new layer of fiction” in the Halo universe. “They are like our lunchtime […]

  • Halo MMO concept image blow-out

    We’ve just been dropped a link to this Flickr set, which appears to be a ton of concept imagery to something called Titan, apparently an “Ensemble Games prototype; 2005-2007.” Yep, this would appear to be the canned Ensemble Halo MMO Gama broke earlier. Fill your boots.

  • Titan to produce WoW graphic novel

    According to this CVG report, Titan’s to release a World of Warcraft graphic novel in the UK and Ireland. It’s releasing on September 26, and follows the story of a shipwrecked human captured by an orc shaman. Gripping. You will buy it.

  • Forced Unleashed gets comic and novel

    According to this CVG report, LucasArts is planning both a novel and graphic novel to accompany The Force Unleashed. Titan’s doing the comic. Both books will be available on August 22.

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