Titan Online

Weekly MMO news round-up: Formula One MMO, SWTOR dev diary, loads of WoW stuff

E3 is almost upon us so there is bound to be some new MMO announced or a bit of decent enough MMO news coming out of the event by this time next week, so expect this post to either be thicker – or thinner. Depends on how huge the news was to begin with when […]

12 years ago

Titan Online headlines

  • Titan Online beta goes live next week, trailer shows nothing

    EYA Interactive has released a new trailer for upcoming MMO Titan Online, which takes place in ancient China. An ancient China riddled with robots.The game is a free-to-play fantasy fusion of martial arts and robots, based on the Korean novel Mo Siang. A limited public beta launches on March 19. Head on over and sign […]

    12 years ago