Tiger Woods Pga Tour 09

Tiger Woods 09 debuts at top of UK chart

Tiger Woods is a winner. There’s no surprise, then, then his 2009 EA game is top of the British chart on its launch week. He can’t stop winning. It’s in his arm.Data for the week ending August 30. Last week’s charts here. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 Mario Kart Wii Wii Fit Carnival: Funfair Games […]

12 years ago

Tiger Woods Pga Tour 09 headlines

  • Tiger Woods 09 gets 9/10 from EG

    Eurogamer’s reviewed Tiger Woods 09, giving it 9/10. The latest edition of EA’s evergreen golfer’s getting high scores so far, with 1UP giving it a full 10.See the rest on Metacritic.

    12 years ago
  • Tiger Woods 09 demo on Live now

    The Major reckons there’s a Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 demo on Live now, and we’re not going to argue with him.The taster features three holes on the game’s new course, Gary Player Country Club in South Africa. You’ll also be able to have a go with the all new Club Tuner in an effort […]

    12 years ago
  • EA announces massive Holiday 08 roster

    EA has just announced a giant line-up for Holiday 2008, and it’s hard to be unimpressed. There is, quite fairly, something for everyone. Big boss John agrees.“EA’s 2008 lineup is our best ever,” said EA head John Riccitiello. “This is the year that our core franchises leap forward with stunning innovation and we introduce more […]

    12 years ago
  • EA shows Tiger Woods on Wii

    It’s golf. On a Wii. With Tiger Woods in it. You swing the Wiimote, listen to the thumping heartbeat, watch the on-screen instructions. Best golf game on Wi ever. Watch and laugh as the GameTrailers person fails to make the putt. Either that or stick your head in the oven. After the link.

    12 years ago