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  • UKIE drops £30,000 into digital industries fund

    The association for UK Interactive Entertainment has launched a £100,000 fund to promote digital industries, with support from TIGA and the Department of Culture Media & Sport.

  • UK MP calls for games industry tax relief review

    UK MP Jim McGovern has called on Ed Vaizey, the minister for creative industries, to makes games industry tax relief a priority.

  • Quick Quotes: Ireland seriously considering Games Tax Relief

    Irish Culture minister, Jimmy Deenihan, speaking in the Irish Parliament, described the games industry as ‘‘an enormous global industry with great potential and benefit for job creation’’. Therefore, Dr. Richard Wilson, TIGA CEO, stated: “The Irish Government could be the next in a growing list of Governments around the world supporting the video games industry […]

  • Politician proposes tax breaks for UK game devs

    British Labour MP Tom Watson has come out in support of the games industry, calling for reforms to the Research and Development Tax Credit system.

  • TIGA Board elects five new members from Lionhead, Crytek, more

    TIGA has announced it has elected five new directors to the Board, with positions being filled by various member of the UK games industry.

  • UK culture secretary: Tax breaks not enough for games industry

    UK secretary of state for culture Jeremy Hunt says the UK government should up its game by offering the games industry the same kinds of incentives as Canada does.

  • TIGA proposes tax reforms for smaller UK games companies

    TIGA has published a document proposing reforms to the UK’s Research and Development tax credit system, hoping to squeeze up to 75 percent more value out of the scheme for games companies.

  • TIGA says it has no plans to merge with UKIE

    After ongoing talks in the last few weeks, TIGA has confirmed it will not be merging with UKIE despite lobbying by industry vets and government officials alike.

  • Report - UK dev industry may shrink by a quarter over five years

    According to a TIGA report, the workforce that makes up the UK games development industry may shrink by a quarter over the next five years.

  • TIGA: UK has lost 890 developer jobs in two years

    TIGA has issued a report which states 900 games development positions in the UK have dropped 9 percent over the last two years, resulting in 890 positions being eliminated.

  • Scottish videogames industry at a crossroads, says TIGA

    TIGA has said the Scottish videogames industry is at a “cross roads” , and if it didn’t get some much needed tax breaks, the sector could decline.

  • Activision and Sony to re-think UK industry support

    Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has warned that the company will cease to invest in the UK should the government fail to provide incentives or tax relief to the games industry.

  • Report: Global publisher killed UK games tax break

    Sources close to Develop claim that one of the world’s largest game publishers is to blame for UK’s games tax break getting canned.

  • Osborne cancels UK videogame tax relief [UPDATE]

    Update: TIGA has issued a statement condemning the Government for its decision in today’s budget, calling it a “broken pre-election promise”. It’s a bit lengthy, and below the original report. Original: UK Chancellor George Osborne has confirmed that tax relief promised to the UK games industry by the previous Labour government will no longer go […]

  • Crytek becomes TIGA member

    TIGA’s announced today that Crytek has become the latest developer to join the UK trade association.

  • No tax relief for games sector in the UK

    The UK Government does not plan to provide tax relief to the country’s games industry, it was revealed today. According to the Guardian, Chancellor Alistair Darling’s pre-budget report does not include measures providing tax breaks despite the sector pumping more money into the economy than the region’s film industry. TIGA claims that this failure to […]

  • Survey: Only 10% of developers say that piracy's a "significant threat"

    The results of the latest TIGA survey are in, and it appears that the majority of UK game developers have this whole piracy thing under control. While 90 percent think piracy is an “increasing problem,” 60 percent see unlawful plundering and pilfering as only a “low threat” to the viability of their companies. A mere […]

  • TIGA says UK game industry will decline 5% YoY without tax incentives

    TIGA has said that the UK development industry could face a 5 percent year-on-year decline should the government decline to issue tax breaks – where as on the flips side, it could grow annually by 4 percent should incentives go into effect. “The UK games industry is still successful and world leading. However, because most […]

  • TIGA calls for a national Games Tax Relief in UK

    TIGA has called for a national Games Tax Relief to help aid and spur the growth of current interactive developers, following a report from nine English Regional Development Agencies (RDA) disclosing a gap in assistance based on region. Citing the current system of assistance as “incoherent and insufficient,” TIGA wants a single, region-wide policy to […]

  • Tiga: 83 per cent of UK developers outsource

    UK developer trade body Tiga, has said that according to research, 83 per cent of UK game developers now outsource and that dev houses feel outsourcing in general is “fundamental to their business.” Tiga CEO Richard Wilson said that case studies “show that a well-managed approach to outsourcing can give UK game developers a competitive […]

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