The Farm 51’s psychological-horror shooter Get Even will finally mess with your head next spring

It’s been quite a while since we heard anything from The Farm 51 about its upcoming shooter which bends the concept of reality.

Thriller headlines

  • Remedy shares its thoughts on Alan Wake inspiration, what consitutes a thriller, Mr. Scratch

    Remedy’s head of franchise development Oskari Häkkinen, and creative director Sam Lake sat down will Hell Decent to talk about their inspirations when creating Alan Wake, whether a possible sequel will contain more horror elements, and just who or what Mr. Scratch is.

  • Over 50,000 download Thriller from Live for free

    More than 50,000 people took advantage of Microsoft’s offer to download Michael Jackson’s Thriller for free at the weekend, MTV reports. The promo was only available in the US.

  • Michael Jackson's Thriller video free for today on Live [Update]

    Microsoft has announced that Michael Jackson’s legendary music video Thriller is free to download on Xbox Live until the end of today. The information comes via Microsoft Xbox’s twitter page that reads: “Michael Jackson’s – Thriller music video is currently FREE on Xbox Live Marketplace, until the end of today.” Sadly, this offer appears to […]

  • David Cage talks Heavy Rain's setting, why France didn't make the cut

    David Cage has said in an interview that his reason for choosing the US instead of his native France as a backdrop for Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain, was the sense of “danger and disparity” in one of the larger cities gave him the perfect background for writing a thriller. “We spent time in an east […]