The Walking Dead Fps

The Walking Dead offers two murky environmental shots

We haven’t heard much about Terminal Reality’s shooter based on The Walking Dead, and we haven’t seen much of it, either. This post doesn’t do much to change that.

8 years ago

The Walking Dead Fps headlines

  • Brotherly love: The Walking Dead FPS trailer

    A teaser trailer for Activision’s The Walking Dead action-FPS has landed, hinting at a story of life before the infamous incidents on Hershel’s farm and the rooftop in Atlanta that transpire in the AMC TV show: “When the world goes to hell, how will you survive?”The game is in development by Terminal Reality and will […]

    8 years ago
  • The Walking Dead's zombies can hear and smell you

    Terminal Reality plans to have the enemies in its shooter take on The Walking Dead behave like those in the HBO show – which means they will track you down however they can.

    8 years ago
  • The Walking Dead action-FPS in the works from Activision

    Activision has announced a FPS based on The Walking Dead series airing on AMC is in development from Terminal Reality.

    8 years ago