The Unburied

Diablo III screens show the same staircase, are still sweet

Blizzard’s put out yet more Diablo III shots, and we’re still looking at the same area as we have been for half a year. We think.But that’s OK, because it’s Diablo III, and these screens have that spiky monster thing revealed the other day.On IGN. No release date yet.

11 years ago

The Unburied headlines

  • Diablo III: Beastiary updated with 'The Unburied'

    Blizzard’s updated the Diablo III website by adding The Unburied to the ever growing Beastiary. Screens of it in action and a background story telling the sad tale of a creature “born out of pits of human misery” can be found here.Sounds creepy, looks creepy: we can’t wait.

    11 years ago