The Trouble With Clones

Saints Row: The Third gets cloned – 20 minutes of video

Saints Row: The Third is still amazing, still stupid and still getting new content. The latest pack, The Trouble With Clones, has been out for a few weeks now, but is it worth your time? Sam Clay edited together 20 minutes of gameplay to help you make up your mind. Check it out below.

9 years ago

The Trouble With Clones headlines

  • The Trouble with Clones DLC out today for Saints Row: The Third

    The Trouble With Clones, the latest DLC addition to Saints Row: The Third, is available today. In it, a cloned version of Johnny Gat is on a rampage, and players will be handed a new vehicle, pals, and superpowers which you’ll need to stop his crazed tour through the city. It’s available on PC, Xbox […]

    9 years ago