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Home in 10 days? “We’re not commenting on that story,” says SCEE

SCEE’s refused to confirm or deny a Times Online report yesterday that said Home’s open beta was to launch in the next ten days.“We’re not commenting on that story, I’m afraid,” a rep told VG247 this afternoon.The piece said open beta was to launch by December 17.Sony’s constant line on the social app’s release is […]

12 years ago

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  • Home open beta in the next 10 days, says The Times

    The Times Online’s run a piece saying Home’s open beta is to release in the next ten days, or before December 17.SCEE’s constantly said open beta will hit this year, so there’s likely to be truth in this.We’re checking with Sony now.

    12 years ago
  • Console pricing is "prohibitive", says Kotick

    Speaking to the Times, Activision boss Bobby Kotick’s called for hardware price cuts, saying current costing is inhibiting growth.“It used to be the case that we did well during slowdowns because if you couldn’t afford to go to the movies or to travel to a theme park, you stayed home and played a computer game,” […]

    12 years ago
  • Times games-hater's book gets kicking on Amazon

    Following publishing an editorial this morning claiming games were a “colossal waste of time” and that he hated “being told to immerse myself in smack and teenage pregnancy before passing judgment on them”, Times writer and author Giles Whittell’s book is receiving something of a kicking on have started popping up along the lines […]

    12 years ago