The Stanley Parable: HD Remix

The Stanley Parable patch incoming to replace offensive images

Davey Wreden, the creator of Source mod come indie meta-’em-up The Stanley Parable has announced he intends to remove images some have called insensitive from the game. The images show a white businessman alternatively offering a black child a cigarette and setting him on fire, done in mock 50’s public service announcement art. Check them […]

7 years ago

The Stanley Parable: HD Remix headlines

  • The Stanley Parable: HD Remix - quirky HL2 mod hits Greenlight

    Half-Life 2 mod and offbeat narrative experiment, The Stanley Parable: HD Remix, is currently awaiting your votes on its Steam Greenlight page. The game, if you can call it that, looks to be a unique take on how game narrative affects and is affected by player actions.

    8 years ago