The Secret World Beta

Final beta weekend for The Secret World open to all

Funcom has announced the final beta weekend for The Secret World, which kicks off on June 22, will be open to one and all providing they sign up beforehand here. This will allow you to participate in the game all weekend long. This portion of the beta will include The Fusang Projects warzone, which is […]

The Secret World Beta headlines

  • Lead a Founding 50 Cabal in The Secret World

    As Funcom gears up for the launch of its modern-day MMO, it’s inviting external guild leaders to apply to head-up one of The Secret World’s Founding Cabals and offering a host of incentives for doing so.

  • Win 4,000 keys for The Secret World beta weekend 2!

    VG247’s teamed up with EA to bring you a shot at winning 4,000 keys to The Secret World’s second weekend beta, which starts Friday and runs through to Sunday. You can enter right now.

  • The Secret World video delves into character abilities and development

    Gamespot has posted a video for The Secret World which details just a few of the MMO’s skillsets – of which there are over 500s. The eight minute video posted below provides you with enough information to get you started, and gives you a glimpse at the ability wheel and weapon types. The first beta […]

  • The Secret World gameplay video shows PC Gamer running around Kingsmouth

    PC Gamer’s Chris Thursten and Tom Senior got some hands-on time with The Secret World beta, and a 9 minute look into their time with it is posted below. The video shows the town of Kingsmouth, which is part of the MMO’s first beta test weekend going on now. Titled Kingsmouth Calling, players will play […]

  • One million sign up for The Secret World beta

    Funcom has announced that 1 million people have registered for The Secret World beta, a number it said was “significantly higher” than the sign ups for Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures. The firm also said there were nearly 2 million unique visitors its website in the last month, and its The Secret War social media […]

  • First beta for The Secret World kicks off this weekend

    EA and Funcom have announced the beta for The Secret World will kick off this weekend, starting May 11 until May 13.

  • Funcom releases beta recruitment video for The Secret World

    Funcom were supposed to open up beta registrations for The Secret World yesterday, and while the folks over there are looking into why you can’t sign up – you should still ┬áhead on over and enter your email in the box for updates on the “secret war”. Hopefully,the issue will be fixed soon, and you […]

  • Business model revealed for The Secret World, beta sign-ups start today

    Funcom has said it will implement a traditional sub model with The Secret World when it ships next spring. According to a post on the official forums, community manager Oliver “Tarib” Kunz said it will contain microtransactions and a cash shop. Kunz said this will squelch a “pay-to-win” scene as it will limit store items […]

  • PSA: Beta sign-ups for The Secret World start tomorrow

    Just a quick reminder to, well, remind you all that beta sign-ups start for Funcom’s The Secret World tomorrow. The game itself launches in April next year. Check out the gamescom trailer for it here.

  • The Secret World to contain persistent, large-scale PvP warzones

    Funcom’s Ragnar Tornquist has said The Secret World will contain large-scale PvP battles between the Dragons, Illuminati, and Templar factions, which will be separate from the smaller PvP zones in the MMO.