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  • WWE 2K14 video shows The Rock laying the smackdown

    It’s around a month until WWE 2K14 powerbombs it’s way onto your consoles, and now there’s a new video focusing on The Rock, everyone’s favourite eyebrow-raising terrifyingly hulking bald bloke (It’s been a while since I watched wrestling). The video shows The Rock’s entrance in full, along with his famous finisher The People’s Elbow. Check […]

  • WWE 2K14 to include the Attitude Era featuring Wrestlemania 14-17 matches

    2K has announced more wrestling goodness for WWE 2K14, and today it’s the Attitude Era. You know, the era where The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin pretty much owned the mat – and The Undertaker and Kane were at odds.

  • WWE 12: Soon you will smell what The Rock is cooking

    THQ has announced The Rock as a pre-order incentive for WWE 12 and it has provided screens of the People’s Eyebrow which we’ve posted below along with a trailer. Miz is also a pre-order bonus. WWE 12 is for release in November on PS3, Wii, and Xbox 360.

  • Quick Quotes - The Rock up for a Black Ops movie

    “Black Ops. That’d be bad ass. Let’s make it happen, let’s do it.” – Obviously not deterred by the DOOM movie, The Rock, speaking to MTV, when asked what would be his perfect videogame movie would be. Radical. But focus on Cena first, yeah?

  • Gears screenwriter says he pictured "The Rock" when writing lead role

    Gears of War screenwriter Chris Morgan has told MTV that the film is in the budgeting phase now, and when asked who he pictured when writing the part of Marcus Fenix, he said Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. “Normally when I write, I think about the actor I’m writing for, but this one’s been difficult,” said […]