The Louvre

Take a tour of Musée du Louvre with Nintendo 3DS

Those who frequent museums are familiar with audio-visual tours. Some have cumbersome boxes you hang around your neck attached to earphones, others may clip to your waistband. However, back in December, the Louvre went 10-steps further by purchasing 5,000 3DS handhelds in order to not only implement a stereoscopic 3D map users could examine, but […]

9 years ago

The Louvre headlines

  • The Louvre is buying 5,000 3DS handhelds

    Why? They’re implementing an interesting system that will show museum-goers exactly where they are in the museum via a stereoscopic 3D map. They’ll also be able to listen to audio commentaries based on where they are in the museum.“We are the first museum in the world to do this,” said Agnes Alfandari, head of multimedia […]

    10 years ago