The Lords Of Midnight

The Lords of Midnight: classic Spectrum remake hits PC today

The Lords of Midnight creator Mike Singleton and Chilli Hugger Software have teamed up to remake the 1984 ZX Spectrum adventure for PC. It’s out today.

7 years ago

The Lords Of Midnight headlines

  • Midwinter, The Lords of Midnight: 30th Anniversary Edition inbound

    Chris Wild has announced plans to remake the late Mike Singleton’s classic adventure Midwinter, as well as produce an expanded version of The Lords of Midnight with 3D rendering called the 30th Anniversary Edition. Rock, Paper, Shotgun reports Wild’s plans are in the tentative stages, and he’s keen to hear from others who’d like to […]

    7 years ago
  • The Lords of Midnight developer yet to break even

    The Lords of Midnight was released on iOS last month but port developer Chris Wild is yet to see any profit.

    8 years ago